Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


you are right. till now every new OB version involved an update to the firmware of the devices.


“Note! Analog Rytm MKII will initially only be available through Elektron retailers. Please visit our Store Locator to find your retailer of choice.”

Likely it will take a week longer as usual. Musicstore december 11 and Thomann december 14

Maybe it was a clever way to postpone thats only via retailers availeble, so the shipping would take a extra 2 weeks and Elektron still can advertise on shipping in november. I wonder if anybody will get their Analog Rytm MK2 before december 14? To prove me wrong…


hopefully not yet another 6 months from now


I pre-ordered Analog Rytm mk2 on I asked them when they deliver my precious AR mk2, but they said they got nothing from Elektron. Is it true or are they deceiving me?? Elektron web sites says Elektron is shipping AR mk2, but says they don’t get any news from Elektron. What should I do for protecting the right of pre-ordered consumer??


My guess would either be to wait or to cancel your pre-order and place an order directly through Elektron


There is currently no option to order from Elektron directly. The shipment announcement from Elektron probably indicated that first shipments, presumably with limited quantities, are starting to be sent to retailers. Looking at the shipping guesstimates that the major german retailers give (around mid / end next week, some even later), I would say what Sweetwater tell you sounds legit. My order from a large online store is expected to ship out late next week, but as long as they don’t have the stock, there can always be delays.


Elektron state that there is very limited availability through preferred outlets, so you’ll just have to be patient or buy elsewhere (which will also not be easy for a bit by the sound of the demand)


How eager I am to receive it. I imagine it right next to the other two MKII … I want to see this trio again, resell the MKI and find myself without nothing for months was not easy. Fortunately I had the passion of photo a few months. hahaha :joy:


So…end November…units going out the door.

Today is 11th December.

Does anyone know of ANY example of an AR2 out in the wild NOT including friendly, well-subscribed youtubers?

You would have thought if there were any, at least 1 might be with a member of this group.


TwinsJ member get it :wink:



Pre ordered mine in september while awaiting november, now december, no sign of delivery yet.


Musicstore just updated their shipping estimate to after christmas, but that could also mean that all stock that they expect to get earlier is already allocated. I still expect my order to ship this week, but then I won’t get billed until it ships, so I’m in no particular rush.


i bet there’s a huge demand on this one… and a lot of long time preorders so… will see if we serve. i can wait to february for this one i don’t want something else. RYTM was my first high end Drum Machine and the best i have ever had. If i have to keep only one gear that’s the one ! i can have a RYTM and LAPTOP + VST : i’m the most happy man in the world… (regarding music of course)


I just got an e-mail from Just Music that my Rytm is ready for pick up in the store and i know that i was the 11th person on the waiting list so i guess some people are going to be happy tomorrow.


yessss, i ordered mine last friday at justmusic and got the shipping confirmation today as well :slight_smile:
Hope it comes in tomorrow but i think i have to wait until wednesday - no problem at all tho
i need druuuums


This guy on GS just got his from ‘a store in Berlin’ (nice and vague):


No, it was ‘the’ store in Berlin. Maybe there is now only 1 store in Berlin. Could have sworn I saw more than that when I was there…

I pre-ordered from Rubadub (Glasgow) a long time ago - not because they were pushing that in any way - I just wanted to get my name down and they’re nice people.

Still, gearing up for a beat-less christmas. (sad face)


Just got the shipping notification for mine. Should be here in time for the weekend. :slight_smile:


Just ordered mine, I really hope its there before christmas


I am wondering via which retailer? Gonna order there too because last week i sold my mk1.