Analog Heat as MIDI interface?

Did you think it Will act as TM 1 turbo midi interface too??? Would be great for uw…


I doubt whether the MIDI data received from the USB port can be routed to the MIDI Out or MIDI Thru ports so the answer appears to be “no”, which would be a shame.

In fact the manual recommends using a TM-1 when sending OS upgrades to the MIDI In port.

I think you can configure to receive midi data from USB, and route it to MIDI out.

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The AR and AF/AK manuals state the same thing, but those instruments do not route MIDI messages from their USB ports to their MIDI Thru ports.

It seems like the AH will act the same way, so it probably doesn’t act like a TM-1-style MIDI interface.

Thats what i think too… Would have make it even better

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that’s lame


I could’ve really used a feature like this for updating the OS on my Modor NF-1. I don’t have a midi interface currently.

Let me get this straight; this box is being touted for its slick, efficient Overbridge integration that allows you maximum control from your DAW. But if you want to use your DAW to sequence a synth being processed by the AH, you can’t just conveniently plug it into the AH’s midi out??

This seems like a huge oversight IMO. I hope this isn’t some sort of consciously imposed limitation.

This doesn’t make any sense to me.

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says “Analog Heat sends MIDI data (CC or NRPN)”

no mention of notes, clock, etc. - i think that is intentional, its saying only CC and NRPN is transmitted… no other kind of messages

Almost certainly not, which is a shame.

But then there aren’t many synths, let alone analogue effects units, that can act as USB-MIDI interfaces. And it seems reasonable to expect that most people who are sequencing 5-pin-MIDI-only hardware synths from DAWs would already have a MIDI interface.


Page 18 of the manual indicates that the AH can send MIDI clock and Program Change messages.

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still no mention of notes, though - which is the most significant part of controlling other instruments

does it omit that reference because it should be assumed it does send note data, or because it doesnt send note data?

elektron documentation is weird to me in this way, often painfully detailed in all the wrong ways, scatterbrained and absent minded, jumping around a lot - but Ive always attributed that to the fact that its probably not written by a native english speaker, or something like that, some kind of translation weirdness… even if its just because english is not the persons first language… (because i think the first language you learn structures the way you think conceptually to a large degree)

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I’ve gone through so many audio interfaces. I partially justified the purchase of the AH by considering my current need for another audio interface. I usually rely on the midi ports of my audio interface when I need midi from my computer to communicate with outside devices. The AH is the first audio interface I’ve ever bought with a midi out port I can’t really use.

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The AH has no chromatic functions so there seems to be no reason for it to send or respond to MIDI note messages.

(Edit to add: Of course, it’s MIDI Thru port will pass through any kind of MIDI message that is received at its 5-pin-DIN MIDI In port.)

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Not sure is fine to rely on Audio Interface for Midi, all Audio Interface i had never working properly now i have a iConnectAUDIO4+ and honestly that’s the first Audio Interface i get with Midi with a GOLD medal :joy:

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The rings of Saturn are a bit lumpy. Bloomin’ gravity, sort that out, pff :zonked:

if thats the case, Id agree with Prints on the lack of MIDI out from the DAW software via Overbridge being a wasted opportunity.

However, I dont think the AH is intended to be an audio interface, but rather a very full featured processor (seeing as it could be a “front end” or a “back end”) - so its not exactly cut and dry

Whoever hasn’t a multi port MIDI interface should throw the first stone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only midi. But turbo midi…

I think this is a fair question.

Yes, I know most electronic musicians will have a MIDI interface already. However, I for one don’t like having my table full of ugly little(?) boxes each for a single purpose, specially as each box usually means at least two more cables.

One of the myriad reasons why I love my A4 is that you can totally use it without any other box around, and if you want to connect it to your DAW, that’s just one cable. So it seems Elektron “gets” this kind of thing, thus I think it’s reasonable to consider the Heat could also work as a MIDI interface. If it did, it could replace a lot of boxes and cables on the average electronic musician’s desk :slight_smile:


Does the heat at least pass midi clock received through Overbride on to its midi out/thu port? I have some Volcas that I’d like to sync up and then record through my Heat.