Analog Drive Price Drop


I guess that’s why return policy is so useful


Yep, I run Bass Station 2 and MAM MB33 through mine.


are thee distortion modes the same on ad and ah?


Not exactly the same circuits (you can check respective descriptions, btw not same descriptions for circuits with same name, AD descriptions more adressed to guitar / bass players), and not the same quality, AD being noisier and dirtier, with more gain for high gain distortion.


Analog Drive Circuits :
• CLEAN BOOST A boost ranging from 0 to 20 dB, run at a high internal voltage, thus giving plenty of headroom.
• MID DRIVE Can be compared to the sound a well-known green stompbox. If more bass is needed, just increase the Low EQ setting.
(Ibanez Tube Screamer)
• DIRTY DRIVE Really dirty and swampy. A gate-ish feel can be obtained at low Gain settings. Higher Gain settings result in an old school fuzzy sound.
• BIG DIST Adds quite a lot of distortion, but with an intact bass response. A reference would be a Marshall stack pushed to the max with a lot of power amp distortion.
• FOCUSED DIST Strong focus on the upper mids. An extended version of the mythological horse/man pedal, but with more flexibility.
(Klon Centaur ?) Close to Boss DS1 too
• HARMONIC FUZZ Octave fuzz with a smooth feel. Based on a fuzz that is out of production. (Which one is a well-kept secret.)
Hendrick’s Octavia
• HIGH GAIN Clear sound with a lot of gain. Nice string separation, great sustain.
• THICK GAIN Adds loads of gain, more than a lot of preamps. Really crispy when palm muting the lower strings and using the EQ to add some top end.

Analog Heat Circuits :
• CLEAN BOOST Makes the signal louder. When fully driven, it sounds similar to overdriving old mixers. Use for minimal distortion or when you only want to use the filter and EQ.
• SATURATION This circuit is reminiscent of classic tape saturation. Woolly and warm
• ENHANCEMENT Adding tube-like glow and sheen to a track or loop.
• MID DRIVE Mid-range focused overdrive with a solid and distinct body.
(Ibanez Tube Screamer)
• ROUGH CRUNCH Gritty, worn and gnarly character. Full of flavor.
• CLASSIC DIST Pleasantly distorts upper mid-range frequencies. Ideal for acid bass lines.
• ROUND FUZZ Adds a lot of harmonics and alters the signal in interesting and often unpredictable ways.
Hendrick’s Octavia, same principle as AD’s harmonic fuzz
• HIGH GAIN Probably the most aggressive of all the circuits. Very maxed out!


Yeah, I think it’s definitely in the ear of the beholder. I love my AH; haven’t felt that it’s limited, but I don’t have a ton of experience with owning distortion units. Of course, part of it was going for the Heat and loving it, right off the bat. Of course, it brings more than just distortion / saturation. There’s the EQ, the filters, LFO, envelope follower, etc. I guess everything has some drawbacks here and there. Kinda wish I bought a Drive just for comparison’s sake (and then bought two for stereo!)




Sent Thomann an email expressing some of my dissapointment after they cancelled my order. And they said that one person has cancelled their order. So i will get the last one! Wohoo!

Looking forward to distorting everything! I’m even going to distort reality itself!



You octatracked that post…


In stock here for 98€
Free shipping in Spain.

Edit: Seems it was en error on the site it’s now 177€ again, still looks like they are shipping my order tho.


Received, works well in stereo with midi control, one controlling the other, and with external midi (OT). No midi Thru but a merge setting for midi Out, even better.
Randomized circuits, Mid Level, sine lfo on Mid freq…

Quite big!


received! But only with half of the PSU set (no cable). The psu kit country code is not checked on the box. Not a big deal but can not test it un til i buy a power cable.


@sezare56 way cool! Really not a big deal but I’d love to hear even a 10s example of this setup, showing how the AD’s sound LFO’d by the octa. I’d like to do something similar using my rytm or AH to midi lfo the AD. I’m not experienced with sending midi cc to pedals but would like to learn if it’s worth my while. As it stands I plan to use the AD in my sub phatty and rev2, maybe some vox and gits:).



I knew I didn’t just went for it (and got two)! As mentioned above - examples please!


Working on it.

You can’t modulate AD with AR or AH (except with audio signals maybe).
You can use A4 CV out, or midi lfos (OT, Pyramid…). It can be interesting to create slight variations but it is not impressive as a wah filter.


@sezare56 Oh doink but I thought AR can send midi cc but is that functionality limited to something other than lfo mod? Dang it if so!!!


EDIT: I still have many midi miles to go before I understand midi beyond controlling synths and/or daws with a midi keyboard or changing midi cc values etc…


You can send CC with AR’s knobs, not with lfo or sequencer.


Mine just arrived last night. It’s a chonk boi.


Dirty example. OT (single cycle saw + MD samples) through 2 ADs. Bypass the first 5 bars.

Set and forget on master?