Analog Drive Price Drop


Well, the Analog Drive does not seem to get a lot of love and I heard complaints about the sound.

However this thing goes now for 89 € at Thomann:

For that price I just ordered one and see how it does…

Overdrive pedal

Thanks! Ill take one too!!
It says 1-2 weeks of waiting…


Maybe mk2 is coming !


I like it, I’d take a second one, thanks!
I don’t know if that price will last…

For what purposes?
My main complain is that it is very noisy for guitar. Noise gate needed. Analog Heat is better for guitar IMHO.
I think AD is better for high gain duties on drums or acid basslines. For 89€, no brainer.


315€ here! :joy:…-elektron-analog-drive-p232669.html


ordered too, but will wait that thomann deliver it before jumping with happiness !


Ordered one too, what a steal!


I’ve ordered. Don’t think this will pan out though. To good to be true


Ordered my second one!
AH+2AD chaining, stereo distorsion heaven! :loopy:


Thanks OP , ordered, hope it happens. reading comments on here are Thomann a bit shady ? Note it’s available in 2 weeks and is effectively half UK price.

I note Thoman haven’t processed order yet and PayPal not charged … hmmm

Was in the market for a good distortion/drive pedal for my tr8/tb3 techno jam station . Looks like some nice features re midi to explore.

Confession - this will be my first actual Elektron


Nah. Thomann are legit. Very reputable, based in Europe.


Order has gone through. Expected 27th may .:grinning:


My only problem is that it’s mono…

Will OT collapse stereo signal into single CUE out to mono?


Thomann only charges at shipping.


Take 2. It’s 8.5 times cheaper than an AH.

OT Cue out is always stereo, you can pan signals, or make mono with Spatializer.


nah, i wouldn’t use two… too much of a hassle. it’s not something i can’t live without. will probably skip this one


Seems like a killer deal, thanks for posting - looking forward to trying it out for crunching up drums and my TB03 :slight_smile:


Im anxious to buy it bc what if they are planning to release an mkii version soon? What do you think, how possible is a stereo version? That’s the only reason id wait for an mkii


More than possible : Analog Heat MKII
EHX Overlord is also stereo :



You could buy a 5.1 setup of Analog Drives for that :wink: