Analog Drive Price Drop


Just hooked it up, liking the focussed dist circuit on the tr8 tb3 combo. It really destroys the sound in a lovely hard techno way. Great for 89 quid .

Note. The badly recorded clip is actually using the mid drive setting which give a lovely warmth


but it‘s not biting so harsh like most single distortion units, the minimal approach is gold on this Pedal! just lifting up the frequencies and feeding them into the Overdrive circuits with help of the great EQ.

i really like it


i just remembered that I have a sh 101 that I hardly use and which is mono so almost perfect for the drive? right? guys?


Im glad I didn’t buy it bc I wouldn’t buy an AH then; now nothing stops me from buying AH, except severe lack of money :slight_smile:


Be aware. Much more distortion with AD.


Who “forgets” they have an SH-101? o.0


This :wink:

I managed to forget about some pedals hidden away in boxes though.


People having a lot of gear, children, Alzheimer ? :content:


What would you call the more intense circuits on the Heat, then? Seems like distortion to me? Or is it not heavy enough? :man_shrugging:


Not heavy enough. It’s like there’s a limiter just after inputs. Increasing input sensitivity doesn’t help, it distorts more, but not in a good way.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. That gives me some food for thought.


I just saw an image of the AD next to a strymon Timeline, and the AD looks huuuge… I didn’t realise it would be that big!

It’ll be interesting to work out how I manage to fit this into my limited space set up :grimacing:


Half size of an Octatrack.
I thought about a smaller box for it. PCBs are like this :


Yeah, I guess it would be possible to have a smaller case.

I don’t mind the size, it was more that I didn’t realise, until I saw it next the Timeline.

In my mind I’d scaled it as a much smaller cute little device.


That doesn’t sound good :confused:
Is it possible to properly crash the signal then with AH?


Well yes. But what s ‘properly’ is a subjective affair.


please compare this to the AH pcb and tell us where the mod points and filter Inputs are. :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


I’d like to be able to compare, hard to tell for me!


Crash yes, totally destroy, no. :slight_smile:
It’s also in comparison with AH or certain guitar pedals…
DIRT can increase distortion. You can have a decent distortion level but I find the max settings in High Gain limited.


and now the AD pcb in correct direction