Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]

Boy do I wish the RYTM could do this…!
Yeah, it’s definitely a plus to be able to. Not to mention that the 12-bit conversion adds a very old-school vibe to the sound (on the MD UW).
I’ll just have to see how intuitive and deep the MD can go without sampling! :slight_smile:

you did that?
Record the AR into the MD, then send that sample, via Midi from the MD into the AR ?

no because I don’t have an MD :sob:

but it should work. The MDUW can send samples just like c6 can.

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WHAT!!! Thats an eyeopener… I dont have an Machinedrum, I bought the monomachine the day that it went on sale… Doubted to get the MDUW as well… Didnt do it because I have the RYTM. But this would make me want one…

I love my rytm, I would not trade it for a MD. I’ve had once a MD without the UW and I hated it, and I loved it. Decided to sell it never looked back. Since I’ve got the monomachine I am secretly hoping to get a MD someday, with the knoweledge of the elektron silver boxes now…

someone should better test & confirm that this actually does work, before folks buying MDUWs just for this :slight_smile:

but I just tried to send a small file with c6 to Rytm, with “extended SDS” disabled and it transferred normally. it’s a standard protocol, and the MDUW uses it. what didn’t work was the filename. the file was just named “0”.

so yeah I believe it will be fine.

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I asked Elektron… immediately got an answer!

can the MD send a sample via Midi to the AR ?

Elektron Support | April 19, 2016 11:08:10 AM
Hi there, Yes it can. Regards, Fred


MDUW - the 1000$ Rytm sampling extension :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so if anyone is up to this - I guess it would be best to do it in closed-loop mode, with two MIDI cables connected between the ins/outs of both devices respectively. Then in both machines’ MIDI Config, verify that Turbo-MIDI is enabled. That way the transfer should be reasonably fast. Otherwise it will probably send with normal MIDI speed i.e. with 1/10 of the potential speed.

I’d love to see a video of it!

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WHAT!!! Thats an eyeopener…

In theory, any sampler that supports the MIDI Sample Dump Standard should be able to act as a sampling front end for the Analog Rytm.

In this thread, forum member @darenager describes using a Yamaha SU10 for that purpose.

Seriously, will someone get this man a MDUW???

Seriously, will someone get this man a MDUW???[/quote]
Seriously!!! LOL

I actually love both units equally. One is more of a surgical tool the other one is more of a paint brush. My only gripe about rytm is the lack of midi control for other stuff but it is clearly not stopping me from loving it .
Aaaaaaand now that I know I can resample and send back over to rytm in a manner of seconds this just got reeeeeealllly freaking awesome. Though I guess I shouldve known this.

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Today i have this machine back on today after a long while.Just so good. Digital never sounded so good.


MDUW was my first piece of gear and remains the center of my setup. Every time I sit down to play with it, I learn something super cool and make ridiculous sounds.

Just a phenomenal piece of kit, no doubt.


When I got the Rytm, after coming from the MDUW I was a little underwhelmed by the Rytm lack of sampling, lack of good and flexible sounding machine types, BUT really have to say that since the last 2 updates the Rytm now feels “mature” and complete - still needs some more machines to round it out, but I think these will come eventually.

So a lot of the stuff I loved about the MDUW is still absent on Rytm, and always will be, when the announcement came that this will be last MD run it was a no brainer to get another.

I think they compliment eachother well, I’d love for the MD sequencer to be brought up to date, but that is not going to happen, there is very little overlap soundwise and as @void said already you can sds samples across to Rytm (use closed loop, and don’t expect super speed, though still workable)

I honestly can’t say which I prefer, they are both awesome, just as the 808(md) and 909(rytm) are, but if I was forced to choose maybe I’d pick MD.


i always wanted to get a MD to put next to the MM…then came the AR…but still wanted to put my hands on the OT :grin: …but the MD…mm…that digital sound, together with all the control you can get over the parameters…
wish i could ‘invest’ some $ to get one, i’m sure i would enjoy every bit of it :relaxed:

…you could do something similar with one of this little device: SMD - Small MIDI Device :grin:

Got one on order from Elektron! Been two weeks and still waiting though lol. I’ve owned a Rytm before but I realised its the digital sound I love, been using MD samples in my MPC for ages now and can’t wait to get my hands on the actual machine!

same here! hoping it will ship this week!


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Maybe it’s cause I’ve been playing MDs for nearly 10 years now, but I have been constantly astonished at how inspiring this box is. I feel like making electronic music there’s always the hunt for hot new tech, but I think I feel the way about this drum machine that those folks who carry around an acoustic guitar their whole life and just play for the sheer joy of it, without needing to chase anything else. I’m still discovering things about it, and it’s basically a bottomless pit of incredible beats and sounds.


It’s SO GOOD! I’m in the process of trying to sell mine, but I’m really reluctant to do it because it’s just damn good!