Samples into AR 101

Hi there folks!

I recently bought a Octatrack, and my analog setup is becoming what I’ve planned to play live.

One simply question. Is there any way that I can send samples and assign them into my AR (for each respective pad) besides grabbing the files from the computer?

In my case, can I send samples from the OT and assign into AR pads? Or can I use another sample to send this samples to the AR?

I’m a beginner using the both, so I believe one way is the MIDI connection possibilities between the both. I already know how to make the AR be “slave” of OT, but I don’t know how to assign samples into the AR.

Any tip is appreciated!!

As far as I know the only ways to put samples in the AR are:

  • C6 from Elektron with a laptop
  • Strom application from Void (unofficial, and you will need a computer to put samples in the iPad anyway…)

Hi Klerc,

THanks for pointing out these two ways.

I was just excited by my first days with my Octatrack, and I also received a answer from the Elektron folks confirming it.

The 2 ways to add samples to the AR are the both you’ve stated.

Thanks for your message.

In theory, another sampler that supports the MIDI Sample Dump Standard could send samples to the AR, but I am not aware that anyone has tried this.

^ Yes I have tried it with my Yamaha SU10 and it works great.

The SU10 is very lo-fi and crunchy so it makes a nice way to turn the AR into a SCI Studio440 or EMU SP1200 kind of vibe, kind of :slight_smile:

Also the sample sizes are tiny, so you can fit some long sounds in if you want really lo-fi!

^^ This is wicked I’ve wondered about this but thought it would be documented somewhere if it was possible. :slight_smile:

Wondering now if the new korg elektribe sampler could do it too?!


If it supports sending by SDS then it should do, a lot of 90s samplers had SDS support FWIW.

darenager, so for you worked due to the type of approach you sampler machine sends the information?

If a sampler send information by SDS, then I can send the samples to my AR?

Do anyone know if this would work for a MPC 500?
The topic is getting hotter and hotter!
Good discussion.

Cool! I have to try that with my SU10 :astonished:

I don’t think the MPC500 has SDS support, but check the manual as it might be tucked away.

More info on SDS here:

To do it on the SU10 I just initiated the send by SDS on the SU10, super simple. Probably worth trying closed loop (midi out from SU to AR midi in, midi out from AR to SU midi in) as it will probably be much quicker than just using midi out from SU to midi in on AR.

Wicked. Thanks Daren, great find. :+1: