A4 Feature Requests


So i was wondering how come there are no other options for key scaling other then Minor/Major.
What about adding Harmonic Minor for example? or Pentatonic?
That would be such a great addition and surely possible to program…
Any chance we could see that in the next update?

Please. pretty please?


The ability to access the ext in channels on the voice routing menu would be awesome. Sending to effects only would allow the A4 effects to function as true send effect when hooked up to a mixer.

As it is currently, turning up a send to the A4 on my mixer raises the volume of the dry signal because the A4 outputs dry and wet.


I love sending complex LFOs to quantised oscillators but would like more scales at my disposal. Ideally, user definable scales but otherwise, something like those available in the Ornament & Crime module or the DSI Tempest. I know it would require a big change to implement this on the Octatrack but I always thought this feature would follow on the A4. It’s such an obvious win.


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Would be great if its possible to focus on just one of the 4 pages for editing.

If I wanted to listen to that page I would have to wait for the sequence to go the way through the 64 steps before I can hear the steps I want to edit.

I know the work around would be go to song mode or just use chain to link 4 patterns but that is kind of annoying as well.


LFO/ENV destination menu disappears too quickly :

Is there a way stop the menu from disappearing if untouched for less then a second?

Seems like a very odd behavior… anyone having the same problem?


Choosing LFO/ENV destination with the up and down arrow keys :

Why is this simple gesture not possible? Seems very odd.


yep - discussed/requested above


Agree. Possible to validate choice with YES. Less errors (for me at least).


I really like this idea. Chances for any new features are unfortunately very low. But this would be possible by preparing all changes of the sound manually. You basically have a sound and use the parameter locks and slides, to morph between different timbres/sounds.
Keep in mind that some parameters don’t allow a smooth change, for example: A4 cannot blend from one Filter mode into another. (SEM Filter could do this, and just a few others).

But it’s actually possible to do, just very much work. Hopefully this idea will find its way into future products. If the OT could use scenes with MIDI CCs, you could slide between different sounds on any synth, with the fader of the Octatrack.


Yeah come to think of it, it is quite hard to do, but maybe an easier version of this is to just be able to do this on the perf knobs, when you open a few, they close with a slide, would be niice…


Haha, totally forgot that one. Yes with performance macros it would be easier to control manually, and you can change the sound drastically.


A MkII usability thing I’ve been thinking of: pressing QPERF while in performance view should change the slot letters to numbers. I know the letters correspond to the labeling of the encoders but it gets confusing when using QPERF + TRIG to select the macro assigned to the quick knob.



I was thinking that on the AR mk1 and A4 mk1 it could be really useful to do [Page] + [Bank A/B/C/D] to quickly jump to a page of the pattern.

What do you think guys?



it would be great, visual cue wise, if on the A4 MK2 the FX track button and parameter section buttons lit up white when selected instead of red, like how it is on the RYTM MK2.


I like a lot of things about the AK arp, except for the fact that it’s basically useless if you try to use it with anything else… Just having an option to have it sync the initial arp triggering phase with the clock would REALLY make it a killer arp/tool…

Please, pretty please?


Sample it


A4 needs the scale and note mode of the Digitone. Please :smile:

Just Picked Up An A4mkii, Now What?!

Can you explain what is the scale and note mode of the digitone?
Is it like on the circuit?


Digitone allows for chromatic scale as well as all the modes…ionian, Dorian phrygian etc. Then you can turn on chord mode that will allow you to play chords with one button in that mode…major, minor, dom, mb5.

A4 only allows for chromatic, Major and Minor scales. Has no chord mode as far as I know.