A4 Feature Requests

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For official requests …

Email your suggestions to feature-request@elektron.se

A small feature, i.e. when pressing a trig that has values p-locked change the page LEDs (OSC1, Filters etc.) to a different colour or make it flash to indicate that there are values on that page that are p-locked. This could also apply to the Octatrack.



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It’s been mentioned elsewhere but being able to mute tracks with one hand would be great too. I can’t hold function with my thumb and reach the tracks with my pinky finger like on an octatrack and my nose isn’t quite pointy enough to press the track buttons all the way down. So… a secondary method of muting/unmuting would be nice

yes, if only there were a method to mute / unmute with one hand :wink: :wink: :wink:


If you go into performance mode (press the perf button twice, and turn off grid record) and you have mute control on the first 6 trig buttons. This isn’t ideal, but it’s reasonably fast. I’ve had a similar problem trying to have OT & A4 going at the same time, not enough hands :joy:


I’d also like to put in a request more hands please :joy:

Ok, am I being daft or does the A4 not send its midi notes (from arp etc) to the midi out port? If not this is absolutely essential for me so that I can layer sounds/parts with other synths…

What a great machine!

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oh the other thing I would love to have more of is LFOs.

can’t we have four fully featured independent cross modulatable LFOs instead of two pairs of not so useful ones per voice?

i really liked the free-assignability of the machinedrum LFOs - the same on the A4 would be fantastic

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I would love a proper slide implementation. The current method is kind of garbage and backwards. We all want the a4 to slide like a 303, so can’t we just have a “legacy” slide mode?

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No, the A4 does not send MIDI out, other than clock.


No, the A4 does not send MIDI out, other than clock.[/quote]

That’s a must then, surely…

A draw oscillator function would be rad. Like the lfo action on the octatrack.

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Have a multi sound mode where you can map different sounds to one of 16 keys. Each part could have a bank of 16 selected sounds

This will help with drum patterns and drum sounds. You could play any of the 16 keys to trigger a sound. Or better yet, hit the mini keys to trigger and the 16 select the sound that is played with that key/note. The default sound for the track would be the sound on 1.


Excellent idea! A drum map mode. The Clavia Nord Lead 2 has that, which i always loved.

You can do that right now by using the CV outputs and a CV capable synth or a cv/midi converter. But output of at least arp notes via midi would indeed be a big plus.

Not likely to ever happen but I was thinking it would be sweet to be able to sequence internal track transpose from the CV track. Of course per track multi[pliers would assist this function.

Also never likely to happen as we already have microtiming for trigs, but why not a zoomable step sequencer with onscreen display for zoom resolution and left/right arrows for navigation within a page?

And MIDI control for track mutes please!

Sequencer playback backwards! If the sequencer could play forward and backwards, like a “ping pong” it would take the A4 to a new level!


A +Drive! To store/load more patterns and more than 128 sounds!

@Upright That would be cool! Influenced by the TE OP-1 no doubt, well, that’s what sprang to mind anyway :slight_smile:

if a +Drive was possible, would it also be possible to have wavetables/samples stored on it ala MnM or UW for MachineDrum?

best of both worlds with the choice of analogue VCO’s or DCO’s