A4 Feature Requests


Yes so obviously if they have two modes already, then can have more!


indiv track speed and midi sequencing! BPM save per pattern!

And Elektron needs to make an oldskool black/red joystick with cv gate midi matrix with on top an assignable LDR for gesture control! A joystick that can give new performance options with old gear.


It feels that the A4 is abandoned! :wink:



We can only hope they come up with: “We are very sorry that OB2 took so long so as a big sorry to all our users we update every machine with as many possible features you guys have been asking for!” Yeah keep on dreaming hehe


Probably mentioned before but can we please have more time to select lfo destination before the menu screen times out? Seems like a really easy tweak and drives me nuts atm on AK!


A setting in the quantize menu that allows snapping at 1/8 1/16 1/32. The 1/32 would be like having the micro timing on +/-12 between the trig’s. there is even a way to get psudo triplets on the 4/4 grid with microtiming.


Individual “Track” outputs to actually be track (sound) outputs, not voice outputs. If you remove Voice 4 from the Main and/or FX mixes and play a 4-note chord on Track 1, the 4th voice in the chord shouldn’t go out the TRK 4 individual output. As it is, imo, the sweet flexibility of the way they’ve implemented polyphony (:heart_eyes:) is at odds with the sweet flexibility they’ve added via the four discreet outputs (:heart_eyes:).


Use FUNC+knob on the EXT IN page to set a value for both inputs at once (FUNC == stereo operation)


Retain Sound Browser tag/filter settings per track.

Generally speaking, if I’ve browsed for BASS sounds on Track 1, then browsed for SFX sounds on Track 2, when I go back to the sound browser on Track 1, I don’t want to browse SFX sounds—I prolly want a different BASS sound.

Bonus: you could create several quick-to-browse ‘template’ kits. For instance, one could be set up with LEAD, BASS, PAD and DRUMS filters set on each track. When you turn the Sound Selection knob while on Track 1, it would only browse LEAD sounds. Turning it on Track 2 it would only browse BASS sounds, etc. Kits already provide a quick way to get up and running — adding this feature would also allow for quickly changing it based on a few preset values (which of course could be changed in the moment as needed).


This requires an extra analog routing section (for re-route voice which may dynamically change from step to step) just for the additional outputs. I’m sure such a section isn’t there.


I’ve got a far fetched request that would be a dream come true while also being impossible to implement:

Obviously the A4 is supposed to be a modular imitation, so I’d like to see if go “balls to the wall” with it. Open up the features of each track internally, where envelopes can effect other tracks, oscillators can be routed to other tracks LFOs(and the FX channel) and LFOs can be sent to other tracks.

Impossible request, I just wanted to share my dream :smiley:


To dream is the pinnacle of humanity… :wink:


Ha! Awesome! :smiley:


I’d like an optional ‘Digitone Mode’ where kits don’t exist, but each pattern automatically stores all its patch data along with triggers. If there’s some dataspace left over, this could perhaps be used for pattern names, which could sit in the same field as used by kits.
Since getting my Digitone I’ve realised this way of working suits me much, much better than the Analog Four’s. Obviously it won’t suit everyone so a user config option would turn the function on or off.


I request that Pan(and maybe Fx) not be tied to sound locks so I can adjust those on the track as a whole(especially pan)


If it envelopes and LFOs could (optionally) output MIDI CC or NRPN values, this isn’t really all that far fetched. Bonus if the machine had a virtual MIDI loop back port.



I’m not sure I understand the mechanics of what you’re suggesting but +1 to the general idea of shortcuts to at least the velocity and aftertouch modulation screens. Always feels clumsy to go back and forth between setting, say, LFO 2’s B depth and how aftertouch will affect the same since they need to be balanced.


I’d actually prefer that as well, but suspect we’re in the minority


I want this too