7 × OS Update


Don’t believe so. In the release notes for the DN it said it’s not recommended / not possible (from memory)


Thanks. This is awesome


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I also use C6. it gives me the time to make my espresso, roll my cig, smoke it and come back to create some not so good music :honeybee:


Transfer app works like a charm with my Analog Rytm MK1 on OSX 10.12.5. I set the Midi to “usb only” although I have my modular system connected with the DIN outs - but it still works. The transfer with .16 MiB/s is fine for me! The time that I safe with the nice browser, preview function and renaming of stuff that is already in the AR is huge!


.20 mbit/s here on the AR mk1. Though I never had problems or issues using C6 I find the Transfer App is very convenient.

A bit underwhelmed with the Dual VCO but it’ll get it’s uses.


Analog Four mk2, Digitone, Digitakt and Heat all updated flawlessly within 5 mn with C6.
Make sure you set MIDI port IN and OUT to USB only, and it works like a charm.


Analog 4 mk2 “The octave indicator doesn’t light up correctly” bug still present!?

It’s always showing -3 for me. Anyone care to check?


After some playing around i had this problem more often.
It does not seem related to directly to the transfer app like i previously claimed.
It just happens from time to time but i haven’t figured out what the exact conditions are.
Bummer., :frowning:


THX ELEKTRON to not forget all the version’1 unit users with updates & soon Obridge2!


On A4MK1 I don’t unsterdand this :

Increased the number of LFO speed snap values.

Anybody ?


When you hold function and turn the LFO speed encoder it will snap to +/- 0/8/12/16/24… etc.


I’ve had this problem too. Can’t yet isolate the exact conditions for it’s arisal.
But, Ive had reliable success getting out of it and back to the main Global menu by a quick double or triple press of Func+Global.


Glad to see someone else feeling the same about Splash Mountain as I do. That’s about the most extreme ride I can take.


I guess there is a bug with LFO page with Digitone 1.10. Changing first LFO type and pressing yes (instead of pressing knob) cancelling LFO change. At least pressing knob works fine yet not convenient. Anyone else having this issue?


@mertafor i am able to press yes and it works as intended at least on track one and two


A question in general: As I see the Updates for mk 1 rytm and a4 seems to be very buggy. How to react now? Is Elektron reading our threads or is it better to pull a support ticket for every new update bug?
What is the best way


Support ticket. Always.


Support ticket indeed, as detailed as possible!

And don’t forget to describe the bug in the correct thread (or ask Mods to create the thread if it doesn’t exist yet) so that the community is aware of it.


Why is there no(longer) 1, 2 and 4 snap values?
I’m not happy about this since I use those values a lot.
Please bring them back.