3 - Chain Gang - One year Lab

3. Chain gang
Using the supplied sample chain create a piece of music, easy right? Ok, you are only allowed to use 1 track, using slices or start point locking to place different sounds on each step.

Only the sample chain “Lab chain” to be used, only 1 track, use slice points to place different sounds on the steps, the idea being to push the 1 track limitation as far as possible, you can use up to 16 patterns but each must only have 1 track. You are also required to use the arranger to play the patterns in interesting ways. Use as many scenes as you want to. Use 1 part and 2 fx.
Optional - You can use 1 recorder buffer for resampling the track containing the chain, with slot locks for playing back the buffer, but you must still only use the 1 playback track.

My version :
1 track only, 1 sample chain, 1 bar pattern, FX1 Reverb, FX2 Delay, Track Recorder trigs.
No additional Fx (No Neighbor / Master track).

Sample chain, rules :
1YearLab.zip (1.7 MB)

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OT Science Lab - 1 year study - who’s up for it? [LAUNCHED]



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md/rytm/digitakt/model:samples users allowed in the 1 track chain gang? guess it gets messy in regards to FX/resampling constraints…

Wow! You outperformed yourself again, my friend!
Very impressive track!


@darenager are you ok?
Btw is it possible to modify slices points?

I think it’s possible with 1 track + track fx with AR/DT/MS and 1 track + 2 CTR machines to control fx for MD, with only 2 fx active (between reverb, delay, compressor, eq, distorsion…)

Concerning resampling it should be in realtime, so MD UW only, with RAM Play track muting main track (choke group).

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Sure and sure!

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He’s the Octa-Don!


total bladerunnery wonk vision vibes, :wink:

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