Your setups

Got the little brother to the KSP myself - fantastic sound!


Finally got my 414 back from service and it’s a perfect fit!

Just put some single notes from the DN through the Organelle (running a Mutable Instruments Clouds patch) and the Avalanche Run on each tape track. They form a nice chord when mixed together - then sample everything to the DT and here we goooo. It goes back and forth. Just pure awesomeness.



My hipster starter pack. Just got the op-z today, but have to return it since the encoders are jacked up. Hopefully its replacement has no issues because I’m so excited to tinker with it.


Note: right now everything is on the floor ; ) More inspiration…



I see you lurking Sub… waiting to bring carnage with your multidrive and feedback both hitting 11… or waiting to bring a creamy smooth lead and delight the ears… your filter is the best and always will be… you are a modern great that will be remembered forever.

Btw, has anyone else seen more Sub37’s than Model D’s for pop performances in recent times. It seems like every band I watch, the synthesist rocks a Sub37. Never used to be that way.

Looks awesome! Any audio/video sample?

The eurorack won’t stop multiplying:/


Fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve collected so much gear in a few years but came to realize that with every addition to my setup I lost focus more and more.
I had fun with my setup but i never really finished a track and so i grew more and more frustrated ended up selling piece per piece till i had nothing left.
Interest shifted away from making music.

After a break of about two years i stumbled over the Teenage Engineering OP-Z.
Watched the few videos available at that time and where mysteriously addicted to what it promised.
Bought it and now i can’t imagine living without it. I always have it in my bagpack everywhere I go and no matter if I have just a few minutes or many hours to spare i always enjoy the time and turn it off satisfied.

Since the OP-Z is a sampler too I have everything I personally need with me and can record directly into my iPhone XR (which you can count as part of my setup).

So as much as I love huge setups (and your pictures of them) this is all I have and need at me moment:

There’s so much fun in collecting and having a huge setup but it’s soothing for me at the moment to know i have as less as possible that gives me a lot options to be creative everywhere and whenever i find time.


This is the setup I’ve been working on lately. Both of my cupolas have built-in pickup. The sound goes to the Octatrack through a tiny mixer which is hiding behind the OT. My hands are often busy with the cupolas so I use Midi Commander pedal for changing patterns and an expression pedal which is mapped to the crossfader. I have other gear at the studio but the portability of this setup just makes me smile. Also, Octatrack… what a wonderful box of magic! I’ve had it for less than a year and my workflow is still a bit slow, but gotta love all this power in such a compact machine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I d love to hear what that sounds like!


I love the idea of having a one-tool solution and the Op-Z or OP-1 seems like it could be it, but I never like any of the sound demos I heard. For reference I go for dark dub industrial sounds like Scorn or Swarm Intelligence.
Sticking to the MPC Live at the moment (portable but a bit bigger) aiming to upgrade to an Akai Force soonish, losing the portability factor though…


Very nice. What stand are you using for the minilogue?

Thanks! For minilogue I use a laptop stand.

Haha thank you for the nice words , i read a lot of bad things on the internet about the sub37 but personally i love it . Moog say they improved the architecture from a little phatty and a moog voyager in it . My neighbour got a big moog system 55 and a voyager and of course they sounds totally different but you cant say that the sub37 is not worth it its a real moog just perfect bob would be proud of it

I’d love to hear what this sounds like too!

This is just the sample from the Digitakt but I think you’ll get it anyways :slight_smile:

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Scorn! Mick Harris been pushing boundaries since the 90s. It’s what got me into electronic in the first place. I was into metal pretty much exclusively & Meathook Seed had a few Scorn outro tracks and I was like “What is thiiiiiiiiiiiis?!” And off I went. :grimacing: Unbelievable, but true story! :joy_cat: