Your setups


RNLA ended up being in backorder so ordered the RNC instead, will try both. And choose or keep both/none. Had read some positive things about the RNLA on GS but in the end we have to experience ourselves, tastes differ and are subject to change as well, good things for us humans. :wink:


Almost finished my wooden Loop Box put some elektron decals to it


Just got my RME fireface uc, at last the sound and midi of everything is in sync with ableton and software synths. Total bliss

Real bad picture but Virus hidden behind the computer, volca almost invisible to the right.




What’s a loop box?


Just a box he puts gear in to create loops




Thanks :pray:


Updated setup with my new addition (TR-08):


A nice, compact set up. Sweet.


Do you have a mixer somewhere out of shot?


Really nice!

Where did you buy your wood side panel ?


very nice


No mixer, yet. I’ve yet to configure my setup like this – but I’m planning on using the Octatrack as a 4 mono channel mixer. The four inputs being the the TR09/TR08, TB03, A4 and RYTM. Or worst case TB03–>A4–>Octa stereo in and TR09–>TR08–>RYTM–>Octa stereo in. Any thoughts on that? I have also been thinking about getting a small mixer with a couple of aux outs though…


I bought them all from this guy. They are lovely.


Machinedrum UW, Monomachine, Analog Heat
Novation Circuit Mono Station, midi keyboard
Eventide Space
EHX Memory Man Deluxe, Stereo Pulsar, LPB2ube
Mackie 1642VLZ4
Genelec 8040BPM

Yes I like to work standing. Computer desk to the left.

Having lots of fun with this all-hardware setup. Going DAW-less with a hardware mixer was a great choice. Toggle the power switch and go. Just considering adding a Rytm mk2.

Elektron at NAMM 2018

Sorry for bad phone camera. The white synth on the left is the Analogue Solutions Semblance (for sale to fund bigger things). The one with lots of lights is the crazy Korg Radias. You can probably recognize the rest.

The speakers and the Mac are up there to force me to stand up instead of sitting on my ass for hours, which is very unhealthy, as I found out the hard way. The Radias and Virus are on wooden planks screwed onto monitor swivel brackets and held from sliding with rubber door stops :slight_smile:

A USB computer keyboard is in a slide-out tray under the desk for when I sit down.



used this stuff to make this:


Just don’t ask about the poop box :wink: