Your setups [ 10k Archive]

Just got an OT taking over form a P3 for sequencing duties.


That’s a nice setup! I like the way it’s laid out :slight_smile:


^ agreed

Nice studios everyone!

I’m in a temporary living situation- so I have some stuff in storage (but this is way more than enough). I need to get my A&H mixer out of there because I’m getting a rack for synths and outboard FX/mixing/mastering stuff.

Notice the 3 MI modules (Braids/Grids/Ripples) sitting on the chair. This is a baaaaad idea…

The Prophet VS is my new baby. I drove 6 hours round trip to buy it (cheap) from someone who had played it a total of 3 hours in 27 years (notice the red warning sticker is still on there…).


Since getting the Analog Four I’m enjoying making these small A4-centric setups limited by what I can route through it, ending up in a Zoom H4n.



Since getting the Analog Four I’m enjoying making these small A4-centric setups limited by what I can route through it, ending up in a Zoom H4n.

Sweet theremin.

The Prophet 12 works with a theramin plugged into the expression pedal input, which can be routed to about 30 parameters- filter madness is possible. I don’t know when it will happen, but one day I’ll find a cheap one second hand and get all weird with that thing =)

Sounds like a good idea. My Etherwave doesn’t have the CV outputs though, although I can use its volume level to control the Mopho using the envelope follower on the audio input.

Old and new, analog and digital.


nice :slight_smile:

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Just got the Monomachine!


My table. Endless sampling.

That’s a Zoom Sampletrak at the back, Roland 404 SX to the right.


Wow, some tasty setups there and some lovely designed sound rooms.

Mine is my lounge in my flat. Clean and simple. Added an A4 in the last couple weeks, not quite got around to using it much yet, waiting on this update… :slight_smile:

Definitely missing my acoustic drums though since the move though.

(MOTU Traveller and MIDI Express XT under in the corner rack)


Finally got everything set up nicely :joy:


Can I ask if you what you use the Volcas for, given that you have a Quadrinity? Is it just for the character of sound? Easy to use? Portability? I ask because I was considering getting the Volca keys, but have been holding off in hope of saving for an A4 one day. I thought an A4 would cover everything in all 3 volcas and then some.

I do jams on the Volcas
Sample stems into Octa and take it from there!
They’re fun little machines… The volca beats could use a little modding
To make decay on BD shorter, and make SD louder…apart from that it sounds like
606 / 808 (ish)

i’m working on my live setup . first gig coming up soon .

this last configuration i just did is pleasing . exept for the fact that my pressure points will have to be in a 45 degree angle (in the first row) . initially i intended to put the black two row case horizontally in front and its setup for that but putting it up there gives me the chance to have a keyboard wich wasn’t in my plan but its a nice little extra .

i didn’t initially intend to include a computer but since there is room for it . i think i’ll bring it along . it could be a good backup device, or i could use it to record my set . i guess i’ll get a laptop stand .

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I’m looking into a SP, too, likely the 404 or 404sx (because batteries), though that grit of the 303 is tempting, too. My OT already has the clean sampling down for me.

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and a nice, rare siting of the arturia origin. how do you like it?

too soon to say…only had it a month or so, and have been busy with worx…
i like the possibilities…intend to use it only for “special sounds” nothing fundamental, thats all Elektron.... its well built, has 10 separate outputs… but the filters…meh?
if I don`t like it in 6 months I’ll sell it to fund…maybe the secret new elektron?