Pictures Of Gear

From a live show I did a year ago today. In three parts, all with Machinedrum as central brain:

  • Pt 1: Impulse machine on MD driving Mute Synth 2 (flat device next to machinedrum with the battery strapped on), routed back into MD for filters and envelopes.
  • Pt 2: Future Retro Zillion driving DSI Evolver
  • Pt 3: Zillion driving Streichfett

Bastl/Standuino instruments used as added texture, especially during transitions.


The audio interface is only there for when i’m recording . I just use the computer as a 2-track recorder . I record all my tracks live , so no need for the laptop when producing.

As the AR doesn’t send out midi notes i needed a solution for the Waldorf and Doepfer , some kind of midi sequencer , that’s where the Korg Electribe steps in . Not so great sound wise , but a very capable 16 track midi sequencer for little money.

So here is how it goes:

  • AR sends midi clock to Korg Electribe
  • Korg Electribe send midi notes to the Kenton midi box (on top of the audio interface)
  • Kenton midi box sends midi notes to Waldorf and Doepfer .

Every sound gets its own channel on the mixer using the individual outs of all of the devices .

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Is this a rendering or actual gear? :diddly:

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I heart gear


the Electribe 2’s are actually really good little cheap 16 channel midi sequencers.



I have that same desk - I think it’s called the RTA producers desk or something? I love it! Plenty of room, well laid out, and I got it for $150 on Craigslist. I keep my Akeys on the main spot in front of me, with room for computer keyboard right in front of it. And then the AR goes on the slide out tray.

Nice looking setup, btw. Nice and clean :slight_smile:

I desperately want to complete the Dark Trinity. Once I have the AR and Octatrack, they will be front and center on the desk. The A4 is technically front and center with this rig because I actually use the MacBook laptop as my primary recording system. It’s more powerful than my Mac Pro tower, which is used as an independent system to run Reaktor Blocks at all times.

Thank you for the nice comment :slight_smile:

Do you have any recordings of this setup? I’d love to hear what the Streichfett and Evolver sound like controlled by the Zillion.


I do! Here’s the recording of the performance. The Zillion starts playing the Evolver at about 7 minutes in. At about 10 minutes in I change the Evolver patch to more of a bass tone.

The Streichfett portion kicks in at about the 14:00 mark and runs basically to the end of the set. The main (cheap) secret to getting the Streichfett to really shine with the monophonic Zillion is to have really long envelopes on the string-synth side.

I also have the Zillion playing the Evolver standalone on my first day with the Zillion.


how do you like your Maschine Jam and your Reaktor 6?

i love my rytm, but struggle with Analog 4… thought of Maschine and reaktor instead…

Jam is pretty fantastic, now that they added per step editing straight from the Jam controller itself. Reaktor 6 has been great with the Blocks modular environment. I’ve been working on building funds for actual modular gear, but until then, testing ideas in Blocks has been a blast.

I run Reaktor 6 in standalone mode on the Mac Pro tower. I have the new Link feature turned on so it’s tempo synced to Ableton running on the MacBook laptop, which syncs up wirelessly through your home network. I then have outputs from the tower running to my main interface hooked to the laptop and I record Reaktor as an external instrument. Fun fun stuff.


Nice I used to live in Paradise Valley for many years, but now live in Whistler.

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Cool! I love it here but Whistler’s pretty awesome.

I moved last year to a new appartment. Finally found the time to setup the new home studio. Waiting for the Digitakt to arrive…


Bro that’s nice lighting where did you get it?

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The left one is a simple disco light:ühnenbeleuchtung-Kindergeburtstag-Fernbedienung/dp/B01MD14VRV/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_201_tr_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1EQSPGVJ157A09VFBNYD

The other one is “FILLSTA” from Ikea:

I put an E27 LED lamp inside that can change its colors. Something like this:ßem/dp/B01H6F9NC2/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1496041150&sr=8-19&keywords=LED+Lampe+E27

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very cool … many conveniently sized units. that would have been cool to perform on.

my current arrangement incorporating the style of a naked metal ironing board …

hoping to take the ironing board to the stage one day.