Your Profile Picture - The story behind


A pic my friend drew of me


A picture of my recently sold Waldorf Pulse 2 screen that is glitched out with a vhs style overlay. Thought it looked cool.


This thread reminded me to go back to my usual avatar. Its the logo of our Quake3 clan “evilbing”, we normally played rocket arena (mod). I went by the name eb:jingo. This is like 20 years ago. Our homepage should still be available under


Year one D1 vet here… Forsaken is the best it’s been in a long time, but it’s far too much busywork for me these days. Played a few sessions and couldn’t face going back for more punishment.

Miss the halcyon days of running TLW + a low zoom sniper in the Crucible.


Spider Jerusalem and his shades

i was wearing similar ones in the 90’s when i went to electronic-parties – just for pushing the realms of reality further - a completely out-freaked guy i was


A great strength and a provider of possibilities, I honor the LFO domain of the MDUW


Mine’s is a photo of me playing live at the very salubrious venue The 13th Notes in Glasgow that my pal took… I’m guessing it was around about 2003. I don’t play live very often and this is one of the few photos where I don’t have inadvertent jazz hands…


Mine is a picture of party horse from the regular show. Easily one of the funniest pieces of animation I have ever seen.

Party horse is from the planet ‘party horse’. It’s basically a planet of intelligent horses that walk on two legs. All they do is party. In order to be allowed to continue partying, party horse must pass a US history test. Instead of completing the test he flees the planet in a spaceship and lands on earth. There he seeks refuge and asks mordecai and rigby to help him study for the test. Then principle party horse arrives on earth in search of him. Because he fled his home planet the principle party horse threatens to blow up earth unless he takes and passes the US history test.

That pretty much sums it up


I love that Regular Show references synthesizers a lot. Great show, good humor!


Yeh mines kinda gross to say the least…its my big toe…with the nail un manicured…sorry in advance…


Mine is from the Playstation avatars, mainly because I am too lazy to think of one of my own Besides I quite like it, so I stole it. Tee-hee.


A photo from a couple months back of me playing music for a British Invasion gig… Cream, beatles, who, stones, zombies, hollies, etc. All stuff I grew up on actually.


Mine is an old ass tree deep in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. I had a mystical hike break (and/or heat exhaustion), sitting there contemplating the decades or centuries that tree has seen. I have been using that picture as reminder that today and it’s problems are a very small blip in the course of time. If I can keep that perspective I find it much easier to find the wonder and not the worries in the world.


This! :smiley: But i loved it even more with Felwinters Lie in D1 Y1 as TLW was so damn broken that you could actually snipe with it :smiley: These were the days man :slight_smile: Didnt got that feeling back with D2 - Forsaken made it better, but D1 is just legend - it cant come back :wink:

Still try to get my head around that we have Destiny Players here in this Forum. Nice! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


Mine is a tiny tiny part of a Zak Smith drawing (don’t Google his name unless you want to see a lot of naked people).


Thank you for that disclaimer.

(Nothing wrong with naked people, some of the people I know and love are naked from time to time)


Well, the range on TLW was broken for a short while (remember OG Hawkmoon?!) but after they nerfed that I still really liked using it. It was only when they removed the hip fire damage bonus that it became basically useless. But it wasn’t OP in my opinion because it took some skill to use. Whereas Felwinters was actually broken. :wink:

Ok, sorry for the off topic diversion… my avatar is just a logo I’ve been using for ages. Personal logos are a bit lame but I went with the first thing I had to hand…


Its a photo of my SV-1 where I have messed about with the repair tool in a photo app to glitch it up a bit. Nothing too exciting…


It’s a button



I got mine while I was experimentig new vj tricks with an old camcorder and a tv screen, I got cool feedback loops and flashing images in that session