Your Profile Picture - The story behind


Because 88 was great, but 89 was all mine :slightly_smiling_face:.


But what about the colour?
Do tell?


Mine is simple:

I like Haskell and my Elektrons…



Mines a cat cause I often go missing and get found two weeks later trapped in someone’s shed 30 miles away


Whenever i’ve looked at your profile pic, I see a fat man in a string vest.


I had to move out of my last apartment because it had giant rats in the building. They chewed at some of my books and once I heard them run across my OT and their little feet pressing on the trigs and scratching the case… Lovely sound to be awoken to at 4 am. I caught two in live traps and more kept coming. I figured it was their building and not mine (they’d been there longer) so moved away. Since then I tell people Im a synthrat and found a picture of a Skaven (warhammer). It all seems so fitting…


SUCH a good movie! All three of that guys movies were inspiring in different ways! But that one was the easiest to watch!


Neat to see another Eugene born elektron user on here!


Mine is just me reusing some animation I did of a sneaky tiger with shifty eyes!


I was warming up some rice crispies and milk in the science oven but over-did it and it exploded.
Thought it looked quite good so took a snap.
Bit of trivia, that’s a TB303 mug and also how I got my name, it was totally ruined :wink:


Mine is a British Royal Airforce roundel. Cos we are The Mods.



Mine is one of the cats that look after my skis.
Gotta know which ones are mine.
And I’m a bassist for about 30 years, hence the bass slinging.


hahaha love the topic

it’s just me (listening to music)


Mine is Kaonashi, also called No-Face, a character from the anime Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), to which I relate somehow. I highly recommend the movie :+1:


mine is my first human warlock in destiny. he got replaced by a awoken warlock


I had this form/glyph imprinted in my mind around '95 I assume- during the planetary alignment- of a single orb over a horizontal line.
Then I modified it to a squiggly and made it more archaic, actually not knowing what it may mean, consciously.
Until recently, I discovered the orb represents via various occult study, the oldest and widespread cult of Sun worship- of course, the sun and the squiggly, water…“The Sun walking on water”, or the time of Egyptian Set in evening, or Horus in the morning.


Did not expected Destiny Players in this Forum here :smiley: How’s it going in Forsaken? Havent played the Game since October 2018 …

@All: Sorry for Off-Topic, but couldnt resits :slight_smile:



(Or woman or androgynous or bigender, actually it’s hard to tell the gender of elektron boxes when you try to form a person out of them)


Stolen from the awesome Ghost in the Shell.


Mine is of a jacket I’m wearing with a logo for a recording studio I work for out here in Chicago called glitchmode recordings. It was taken backstage at a 3teeth/Relic EP release show in Cincinnati at this now-closed gay bar called “The Dock”. Not seen in the photo was a bottle of Jameson being passed to me by Xav.