Your Profile Picture - The story behind


Because of low season … I thought it would be interesting to share something about our profile pics, if applicable.

My picture is taken in Bellême, France. I was on an international dance and theatre workshop organized by a Japanese Butoh Dance master who lives in Normandy, France.

I also met a woman, at the same place for the second time. That woman took this picture when we had a free day and had a walk in the “Parc naturel régional du Perche”.

We are married now and have kid.

The Japanese master gave us an original Japanese set of clothing for our boy as a gift a few years later. :cool:

We are probably going to visit him and his family again in 2019.

:kimono: :love_you_gesture:


Mine is a Prismacolor pencil drawing I did that appeared on the b-side of a 12" EP picture disc released by Beta-lactam Ring Records many years ago. It is one of many thematically similar images I’ve drawn, painted, sculpted, animated, all depicting self-constructed (and destructed) mythological benefactors. Artificial angels, self-declared (and disguised) deities/saviors…


My pic choice was superficial. It was taken as I walked through the crowd at an event I performed at years ago. I chose it because the color palate was a little different than many other profile pics here.

Happy new year!


my profile pic is hand-drawn vector portrait of me.
here it is side by side with source photo.
and the most important: that flying saucer behind me is real.


My picture is the transport area on the OP-1, but fish eyed a few times to give the impression of a large ball rolling down a dark corridor.

Think Terrahawks…


My profile picture I took during an unforgettable tour through Andalusia with my best pal.

It is a corner of a stone railing in the Alhambra. Maybe the lesser impressive piece of what you can see there in real, but that’s for tourists right?

Anyway it reminded me of a face (somehow I was keen on this kind of stuff long time ago)…and reassembles my real facial expression when jabbering. Sometimes.


I designed mine…it’s meant to look musical and smiley.


Mine is a picture of me that my Dad took about 10 years back when I was playing my Tenori-On, I just shrunk it down a bit and pixellated it a little on my phone, I don’t tend to use many pics of myself online and use it for most forums that I am on, I did change it to a John Candy pic but then changed it back after @pmoldzio requested it :heart_eyes:


I went to a free art display with some friends after grabbing a few drinks. I loved how majestic the llama looked. I don’t know why it inspired me so, but I took a picture of the art with my phone.

I suppose it’s my profile picture because of a mixture of fond memories, the inspiration of the piece, and using it as an expression for my identity seemed amusing without trying to be funny


Cool story bro!


Mine is my dogs.

I like my dogs.


Couple of beauties! :dog:


mine is a photo of how I paint now. I recently realised I’d been poisoning myself and my dog for the past few years with the alkyd fast drying mediums i use with my oils.


Laser Squad. One of my fav games on the Commodore C64. Has a nice retrofuturistic vibe to it.


Mine is a stormtrooper pic I put some layered effects on. Nothing exciting and was first thing I found in my pics when making my account


mine is a logo for a clothing/tech brand that never came to fruition. I still make a bunch of graphics, logo flips etc using the name “hiddenmaterial” so I tend to use it on forums etc. as a little hint to the other non-music related stuff i do.


my avatar is a not-too-subtle appropriation from one of the greatest albums ever … I’d struggle to find even a couple more from my collection which are anywhere near as significant to me … no album like it before or since …


Mine is a photo I took in Tokyo on holiday a couple of years back - we were heading out and found this cool lane through a park banked by trees covered in blue fairy lights.


I love it when cities wrap pretty lights around trees.

When I lived in Boston, I had to walk home from work after missing the last train(I punished myself out of spite for being kept so late- ah youth…) but I came across a trail where they had wrapped all the trees in Christmas lights in all the medians as far as the eye could see.

Though it was a stupid decision to walk home as a means of sticking it to my managers, it was one heck of an inspiring walk.

Beautiful picture, my friend.


Love those, especially the Powell peralta one