Your Profile Picture - The story behind


My picture was taken on new year’s eve (years ago) at the roof terrace from a friend. A nice place where we are able to arrange our own small parties and have a good time with friends.


It’s a cat version of a kraftwerk cover, no history at all… I was browsing this site The Kitten Covers and found this, I love electronic music, cats and computers (I’m a developer) so it fits perfectly.


Found a tacyons+ picture on the net. Great circuit bending company based in California. Video synths are where it’s at!


Lovely thread! :slight_smile: I released a LP of ambient/dubish stuff last year, and spent a lot of time obsessing over the cover image, as I had absolutely no visual ideas connected to the music. Then one day at work I noticed how foggy it was outside, and it struck me how the view from my office looked exactly like the music sounded. My profile is the picture I snapped (inverted in Photoshop, just because.) My friend who is a professionel photographer took a far superior foggy photo which we used instead, and everyone I show the cover to says it looks like a black metal album.


Such a perfect movie!


Just perfect! :slight_smile: I’ve actually been re-reading the whole of the series over xmass. A total classic!


completely right!! sadly there is no resurrection of that guy but who knows


Similarly, mine is stolen from the awesome Cowboy Bebop, a show I had a hard time watching years ago, but now holds a small place in my heart!


I could stare at that pic all day. Those teeth are just beautiful.


I changed mine, before taking a break from the forum, to reflect what I saw as unnecessarily strict control over freedom of speech.

And he’s wearing cans. Hehe/ lol etc.


Mine is just a Prophet 6, which remains my favorite synth ever.


Mine is a green field with a white letter “K” get it? Because my name is knobgoblin :sunglasses:
Took me forever to find it!


I remember this scene! while I was watching it I thought it would be nice as a vj loop, never did anything with it though :confounded:
amazing show


My daughter, who is eight, got her first handpan/cupola just recently and she wanted to have a cat engraved on the instrument. I drew a cat face and discussed the idea with the instrument builder, but unfortunately the engraving technique wasn’t good for this picture. It was the first image I found on my Mac when signed to the forums and there it is.


Left bar on my avatar is an L.
I wanted something readable on so few pixels…
Got this idea in mind and had to do it with Gimp. It was not that easy…


For me i choose an ocean gift
I live next to the ocean and
he is so fascinating


i picked up forsaken a few weeks back since i got tired of bungie doing their formula; presents the product, half of it is there at launch, they update and improve with each expansion, rinse and repeat :rofl:
it’s polished and all yet they don’t make it as good as possible by choice. but i’m ok with it until anthem gets released


My profile pic is a rendering of a case I was planning to make for my modular synth.


Taken from my favorite coffee mug made by local potter:

I call it Cup Cat


Mine is a vector of myself designed by my wife. It is actually the cover of my first album, which is called Realize Lasting Purpose (RLP which are my initials, all words have 7 letters just like my real name, and all the 7 tracks of this album). I decided to put my face on the cover of my first album to break free of my own introverted tendencies.
I then changed the color to suit the theme of my latest album, and I like how slightly evil it looks now.
Suits my username here.