Your Profile Picture - The story behind


In Finland we have this thing called Uuno Turhapuro. He’s kind of a stupid/lazy slacker movie character who’s been at it since the 60s/70s.

One hot summer day I was walking on the street and realized the similarity of Uuno and Richard D James. When I got back home and on my computer I had to make my vision come true. At that time of my life I designed the posters for three local night clubs. I used this idea again in one night club poster but with the cover of Come To Daddy EP.


thanks mate. yea tis a legend graphic :slight_smile: love those old bones brigade tapes


My profile picture happened by accident when playing around with my first ipad. The “superb” mirroring fx lead to that picture. 99% of the day I wear hats or caps or like in this case a beanie. The mirroring fx made a ball out of my head. Nothing special but I like the picture. unfortunately the original image is lost so I only have it in avatar dimensions.
The poster on my living room wall that is in the subtle background of the picture is an educational one. “biochemical pathways” by Roche or boehringer ingelheim.
Boehringer not Behringer.
Glad you did change your avatar back @darenager. I guess I am not the only one who really likes when people stick to their known avatar.
Changing ones avatar in a familiar forum like this is smilar to getting a knew haircut or clothing style irl.
In my head each person and his avatar in this forum is extrapolated into real life.


Street art in Montreal


The shoes I wore on the Camino de Santiago.


Mine is my dog. I put special treats for her on a paper plate sometimes. When she wants more she carries the plate around. I was working on some music, looked over & there she was sitting on the couch with her plate mean mugging me. Thought it made a good pic. Then I just stuck the “reversal” filter on it, not sure what it’s called (she’s actually a really light tan color).



In my early twenties, I had an acid jazz improv band in Eugene, Oregon. There were four of us and we didn’t have a name. We decide that we each would write down a word on a piece of paper, and then those four words would be our name. The words chosen:

  • Cosmic
  • Monkey
  • Circus
  • Ensemble

We decided to spell it using only ancient syllables:

Ever since I’ve had an affinity for primates in space with bananas… :smile:

And furthermore…
Our mantra was our name backwards: “Labmasno Sucric Eeknom Cimzoc” :sweat_smile:

The bass player and I were in our home town for the holidays, and we randomly ended up at a party we just walked into from the street. They played a game and gave everybody a piece of paper and we were told to write something on it, I wrote the mantra. The papers were shuffled and randomly handed back to everyone and we were told to draw a picture based on the words…
When I got mine back it had an ape-man on it with some kind of lunar background!

For some my nickname became Eeknom Cimzoc, or just Eeknom, and eventually just Eek… Haha :joy:


I have a tendency to change my profile image and bio throughout the day. I think it may be some sort of identity disorder. :thinking:

Lately it’s been a non-music equipment specific, public domain image of where I’m from, circa 1846–1847. Before the gold rush.


Me this past Sept playing a live set under the 40th st bridge here in Pittsburgh, PA.


My pic is of Edinburgh castle during Hogmanay fireworks. Nothing more to the story really other than a picture of my hometown, Falkirk, would’ve been rank. Though we do have the only vertically lifting canal boat thing in the world as well as “The Kelpie’s” which are pretty stunning when lit up.


Never seen your avatar in detail. The monkey’s face looked like a usual astronauts… Eh… Glass Helmet?!?
Now it can’t been unseen


Mine visualises my german family name, which is Wolkenhauer. „Wolken“ means clouds, „hauen“ is to hit something … so basically my family name is „Skyscraper“ … which is funny if you know that I am 2,11m or 6ft11 tall :-)) Since my father was tall, and we have pics of granddad with trousers that are definitely too short, we tried to find out whether the family name is a coincidence - with no conclusion :slight_smile:

I have two versions:


Mine is a photo of sort of pavement part for electrical wires in the street in front of my house. I took this photo on the day I moved into my new house almost 10 years ago. At that time i started using elektron machines and the journey hasnt stopped.


In homage to Mo’Wax, one of the great UK labels of the 90’s, founded by James Lavelle of UNKLE,
Here is a great documentary on him and the label:


6-11! What!


I was over-the-top excited waiting for Radiohead at Austin City Limits festival one year… I live here. Can’t miss them in my city!


Mine’s a margarita on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. My happy place.


You must really love Ham then!

Also, it appears I have the default first letter avatar. I’ll get to work on that, ASAP.


A frame from “Face of Another”


Mine is the generic first letter of the name the forum software assigns when you create a profile
Exciting stuff :yum: