Your most beautiful instrument


My Jupiter 8, don’t care if it’s cliche to say!


My 8x SID MB-5682, but only because I painstakingly built it myself :slight_smile:



id slay to get my hands on a Status King Bass MKII [with purple LEDs] :slight_smile:

till then…my current beauty is…


Lately my I’ve been somewhat missing the Korg Volca Sample. Really liked the tooth and grit it packed and the toy-but-with-serious-attitude look it had.
Sold it, but sooner or later I’m getting myself another


These are too dope cos they sound good af :grin:


You were correct from the get go…moog sub 37 is just beutiful to look at. Then you press a key…blam…


My guitar. 1977 Ibanez lawsuit guitar. (Les Paul custom clone in tobacco sunburst - made for two years until Gibson sued these from their production lines)


I had one in black and it was so beutiful to play…i foolishly sold it because it weighed a tone and would give me back ache…


That is just lovely.

What pickup are you using? I had a completely ply one, and heard that the solid bodies can be more prone to feedback (mine was bad enough at all but the quietest of gigs!). Have you struggled with this?

I had to sell mine when we moved to Norway last year. Really miss it. Maybe now is a good time to grab another - help me get through the winter!


It does weigh a freaking ton. But the sustain is fantastic and I need the exercise! :wink:


I think it’s this modded gameboy maybe.

(until I finish the thing I am trying to build right now)


Thank you, at the moment im using Realist (The one with the copper head) but the ones in the picture are Fishman full circles.

I have had the feedback problem live with both Fully craved, full plywood and hybrid basses so I think it has more to do with the micing and the pickup being used. If I stand too close to the amp/monitor then the sound will vibrate the bass at the same frequency and start feedbacking. Carved do project acoustically much louder though so thats probably why its easier to feedback on.

Check out the removable neck basses if you tend to move a lot, you can detach the neck and buy a separate case for them, you end up with a luggage the size of the body which good for airlines.


Hard to choose, but I do love my handpans. Here’s a soprano with a beautiful blue color:

Or this set of tuned bells:

Honorable mention goes to my DFAM. :slight_smile:


My Verbos Electronics System :heart_eyes:





Sweet, thanks for the removable neck bass tip! Didn’t know you could get such things - will have to check them out.


Love this pic. Calming.



The Dominion 1 is the best (vintage analog sounding) synth for the money, looks (to me), and definitely Sound! The Adjustable Resonance on the SED VCF can make old Rolands
weep, and this thing can howl like nothing since the 80’s.



Vintage? It was first introduced in 2015 and it’s still being produced! :slight_smile:


I read that as vintage sounding not vintage era.