Your most beautiful instrument


My MEK!! Even tho I’m selling it… I still think it’s a beaut!

runner up for MonoMachine :slight_smile:


Just got this little sampler, pretty much the the coolest looking thing in my book.


cirklon. does that count? i feel like i’m flying a spaceship when i use it.


Apparently. :slight_smile:




My mid 60’s Rogers drums in Pink Champagne sparkle with some fresh heads and a new pair of sticks…


My very splendid Gibson J45,


Ooh yeah, that pink champagne is great!


  • preenFM2. an ideal synth for touring, as small as just 1/4 of a 13 inch laptop.
  • Novation Nova Laptop. the best virtual analog synth ever, period.
  • Novation ReMOTE Zero SL. the best MIDI control surface ever made.


But back on topic, what is your most beautiful instrument?


Nova Laptop, i think.


Was creating a bunch of drum, percussion and bass samples last weekend.Starting fresh on the OT.

Also ended up with a pitch adjustable drum loop tape, kick-snare-hat each on a channel, here with a phaser as a send. Tape as a sampler :heart:

Edit: phaser was not connected anymore at the time this pic was taken, or it was before. Can’t remember pulled an all nighter :see_no_evil:




those were the days… :frowning:



I’ve always loved the way that thing looks. I have two original MkII units - one looks great, the other looks like it has been dragged face-down across the pavement. Still kinda beautiful to my eyes, though.


Ah ! Got the same right in front of me :airplane:


Me too. I love it. It makes for a nice break from the DAW. Still a terrific way to track, and can sound very good with the proper precautions.