Your most beautiful instrument


Probably my Suhr custom guitar and Moog Sub 37 with my Elektrons in their austere post modern styles.


In my case I was saving for a big knobby synth like the OB-6, but I found a used Cirklon and I bought it hehe. In the end I figured out I just needed a couple of groove boxes to jam so I sold it with my synths and got Elektron boxes instead.


My Martin is a thing of beauty hanging on the wall.


Of course :slight_smile:

Nicest feeling and best sounding bass I’ve ever played.

What are you playing?


I’m enjoying this thread!


A MIM Sunburst Fender Jazz, came into my hands in a kind of funny way so I’m pretty attached to it. (Last bass was malfunctioning during a soundcheck in Sheffield, borrowed the Jazz from a local tech, liked it and he sold it to me cheap). Should probably upgrade the bridge and pickups at some point soon.

Would love a Mustang at some point, looks lovely in that colour too!


My (customized) Gibson Les Paul Custom, late 60s. It used to belong to Heinz Kramer, one of Berlin’s first Jazz e-guitarists, who had it changed to a lefty (hence the second cutaway) since it was actually less expensive than buying a lefty that way.
It’s heavier than a regular one, because they left the original buttons’ mechanics inside.


Basses keep rocking this thread, that Mustang looks amazing.


This is my most beautiful instrument <3

A very lovely 1.8 Kinko shakuhachi, purchased from a dear friend, who purchased it from his teacher, who purchased it from the maker, who’s from Kantau, Japan. I haven’t played it for more than a year; now that I’ve taken it out and had it in my hands to photograph it, maybe I’ll play.


About 30 years ago I knew someone who played one of these, and he let me try it at a party. It took me about three hours of misdirected effort before I was able to make so much as a sound. But when I did, it was glorious.


I would have to say that my Roland Aira System is the most beautiful instrument (system) that I own. Something about those (mostly) green lights!



Nice jacket for the Neutron :slight_smile:


My upright is my most beautiful instrument. Hybrid (Carved top and ply sides/back) 3/4 from Upton Bass

I would probably put any upright bass I have ever owned as my most beautiful instrument, the thing I love most is that even if you get a bass from the same builder, every instrument has its character and own grain pattern.


Can’t choose.


This needs to be known as the Make Neutron mod.


Is that a uke bass? loooooove a uke bass


“don’t talk to me or my son ever again”


That’s my next purchase, acoustic though, can’t wait.


Sure is. It is awesome! Highly recommended. :slight_smile: