Your most beautiful instrument


Even after all these years the Blofeld is my personal favorite. Looks like an angel - in white!


if played well they sound like an orchestra :heart_eyes:


Posted only stock photo before. The tech should be done in a few hours dressing the frets and such. Final tuning: AGCF. It’s going to sound like a beast.


Nice! What model is that? How does it sound like?


My mate uses this. It’s very beautiful.



Easily my most beautiful instrument :sun_with_face:


Try the Davinci, I highly prefer it over the Magic-Flight


I’ve been a scratch DJ for many years, but have recently gotten back into it in a major way. This limited edition gold anniversary Reloop turntable I just got is a real beaut, and makes my practice scratch sessions more enjoyable.


Any quick tips on getting better at flaring? For some reason I am still not getting consistency with my one-clicks, whereas chirps I got pretty stably even with pauses from practice… And tears, I dunno why but I cannot make clean tears :sob:

If you’ve got the time, PM me lest I derail a thread again


The only tip I have is a shit ton of practice. Start slow, and then work up the speed. That’s what I’m doing right now with 3-click flare combos. If only all the resources available now (YouTube tutorials, DVDs, etc) were there nearly two decades ago when I first started. My favorite scratch DJs are Toadstyle, Ricci Rucker (Ruckazoid), Aociz, and Unkut to name a few. It helps to watch cats that inspire you to stay motivated imo.


Is that a heat?


But Da Vinci isn’t so Beautiful :blush:


Thanks! It’s an SR 500. I just had a luthier set it up for a custom tuning: AGCF. It’s now tuned like a 5 string but down a whole step and with no “E” string. I run it through a Darkglass B7K; I think it sounds great!


Aesthetically beautiful, probably the Bolsa Bass from Critter & Guitari.


Yep, I love my Dom 1 80’s Russian industrial look.






hey at least it looks like heavy machinery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

no battle scars yet :space_invader:


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