Your most beautiful instrument


I’ve always been partial to my Korg 770. It has a very solid build and has cool aluminum rings on the pots. Sorry for the dark photo, I keep my studio like a cave.


build quality is excellent! The knobs have an excellent resistance and feel snug on the faceplate. The knobs aren’t terribly small but I do wish the cutoff knob was larger I may put a small sticker on it so it stands out. The faceplate is a nice metal as the under carriage is mostly plastic with 4 small rubber feet to support stability. Sound wise it excels at everything I’ve thrown at it. I’ve mostly used it for brass and pads. The layout is a breeze to program :hugs: If someone stole it I would most definitely buy it again. It’s like the size of a U.S. 11 converse low top shoe lol I’d wrap it in a large sandwich bag and bubble wrap and go someplace boring for sound design


My custom noise generator synth has a certain je ne sais quoi.


Always keep my Siel in my setup for its looks and some nice strings.


As a huge fan of white noise and various noise washes in general, more info please! Looks great.


It was custom built for me by a guy on ETSY, it has 7 ocsicltiors 4 tonal 3 noise all of which interact in wierd an wonderful ways, it also has a LPF an LFO and a built in noisy delay all of which have patch points for the LFO signal.


For pretty little noisemakers, the Standuino 3π/2 is :heart_eyes:. I really wish I had gotten in on some of the earlier Standuino stuff (Standuino would become Bastl. I think this 3π/2 was a last tribute to their old designs). And that wool cloth wrapping is part of the design.

A few years ago some friends turned me on to a lot of these little music-box / noise-box builders from around the world. Which lead me to getting the Bastl drum machine and this thing which lead me to starting to make more structured / “pretty” sounds, which would end up leading me to Elektron land. :slight_smile:


Actually that’s a good shout, My Microgranny is probably my second favourite-looking synth after the OP-1. Here they are together.


While I’m nowhere near a virtuoso with my Nagra, I know some people who are.


Nuthin’ beats Nagra in the looks department.


I totally can’t recall what it’s called but I’ve wanted that guitar fingerboard thing for years. Crazy hard to find though. But as a guitarist it would be crazy fun.


Are you talking about the Eigenharp ?
@Abhoth has one, I had the opportunity to try it a bit, it’s definitely very impressive, you can get the “bending” feeling of a guitar, a lot of expressivity !


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Mine isn’t nearly as good-looking as the big model @thetechnobear has, though! The Eigenharp Alpha is one of the best looking instruments I know of.

Hmm. Even though I care a lot about the aesthetics of instruments, I don’t think I own anything that qualifies as beautiful. I like the look of my modular, I guess. So to pick one I think it would have to be that:


I love my electronic stuff, but I’m going to have to go with this:

Looks like this pic was before changing out the bridge and saddles, but I’ve bonded more with my Telecaster than any other instrument, and I think it looks quite classy. The handwired Vox AC15 I find to be absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t used it in years thanks to city living, but I continue to keep it in storage with the hopes of one day reuniting.


Clavia nordlead 1 rack. A red sexy synth


I just finished moving my modular over to new cases. In my opinion, it looks great now!


@sirtimp this post brings the joy


Looking good sir! I often see very patchy looking modulars (prolly due to diff manufs using diff panels styles?), but this one looks like a cohesive instrument. Now tell me how much it cost so I can talk myself out from trying the same! :zonked:


I had decided from the start that I didn’t want a hodgepodge-looking modular (although that is cool in its own way). I also deliberately tried to go for multi-purpose, basic modules rather than specialised modules for dedicated use-cases. I’m missing out on some amazingly cool stuff, but I’m happy with the direction I chose and would buy the same stuff again.

No idea what it have cost me, though! I bought one module now and then over several years. Some of it used. The closest starting point for something in the same vein as mine would probably be this one: Foundation 3.1+ (The demo tracks for it are great, btw!)