Your most beautiful instrument


No Instrument is beautiful

They are tools

Pick the most beautiful screwdriver out of yr box…

A stanley knife aint beautiful … it does a job.

Posting photos of your wife as an instrument is odd.


I think I have to say this is my most beautiful instrument:

But the Seaboard Rise 25 is quite attractive to my eyes as well.

Or, since it’s racked up, if I could count this as one instrument, I’d have a debate on my hands:


oh wow :heart_eyes:


I typically don’t like to feed the trolls, but you sir or ma’am have made an erroneous statement!

Instruments are not “just tools.”

To the builder of a fine instrument, visual aesthetic and overall ‘beauty’ are part and parcel.

I haven’t spent any considerable amount of time in life trying to master the screwdriver… basically understood it since the first go round. Maybe I’m a natural…



beauty is created from the tools… the chisel. the hammer. the rasp.

not beautiful instruments


wow so edgy and contrarian


love that.



totally horrid.

please explain what is beautiful about that thing… what is it?


no more food for you



let’s draw the line here, keep in on topic, or flag posts that concern you

the matter is in hand :thup:


I don’t have much hardware at the moment but I appreciate the design and layout of the original Nord Rack and prefer its type treatment and ledgering over the 2nd series. Yeah, I’m pretty crushed out on it, and it serves as a reminder of how good a fixed architecture poly synth can be.

Then there’s my hand me down, mid-2012 MacBook Pro. It serves as a reminder of how good an open architecture instrument can be.


Such a great shot - the mug is a nice touch!


I’ve always wanted a Ricky. Beautiful!


This is on its way to me :smiley:



moog model D


I have a couple high end sitars. :slight_smile:


Yeah. what a beauty. I had my own restored and recabineted by Wes Taggart of Analogics, along with my Prophet-5.


I’d love you hear your opinions of the boutique. I’m a MKS-30 owner so I dig that sound. :smiley: