Your most beautiful instrument


MUCH better. Very pretty! :joy: :+1:


The Moog Voyager has a special place in my heart - of dozens of synthesizers I’ve owned it was the first that I felt was truly an instrument.

The Nord Wave is probably my favorite overall synthesizer though - something about it - it can be be soft and emotive and very responsive. Love the Nord pitch stick and “stone” mod wheel.

Nord Wave + an OT would be my desert island setup!


My number one was my Plumbutter until selling it recently. Such an inspiring work of art, imo. And super fun to patch!
Minimized/switched up my setup a bit though, and now the Music Easel is my main squeeze. :heart_eyes:


Ah man, I’d managed to vaguely forget how bad I want a BME…Damn.


I know controllers are a bit of a cop out, but the Push 2 is quite gorgeous. All those lights and that screen.

However, nothing was prettier than seeing the effect of working so much overtime and looking at my first pricey bit of solid gear(Elektron Analog 4)


I feel you, CalloftheVoid! Not sure I’ll ever be able to afford even a small sized 200e system, but the BME definitely satisfies my hunger for that sound! :smile_cat:


Mother 32 is the prettiest cabbage in my patch.


Pint of LSD and a Volca Keys is probably closest I’ll get to touching a BME :wink:


vote for Sub37, not mine jet but… gas gas gas… :slight_smile:


Just remembered, the Genoqs Octopus sequencer.

I didn’t own one, but it was the only bit of gear my wife said she would allow in our living room.


for me it is my elektron stuf. it’s like one instrument (and posted in ‘my setups’


Look at this beauty… Isn’t it magnificent ?


A bit ot. Mind elaborating on the PB? I want to make the leap but im worried that it’s just the same tones over and over. Your thoughts? Is that why you moved it on?


No problem… I’ll PM ya so we can stay on topic here though. :slight_smile:


Favorite that I own would be Monomachine. I love silver faced synths since my first encounter with an analog synth when I was young (a Steiner-Parker synthacon). The fact that it’s brought me so much joy while being so pretty to look at… :love_hotel: .

I have an original series MoogerFooger ring mod from the Big Briar era. I’ve had it for 16+ years now. And the wood siding is looking beautiful with age. I like that it’s got Bob Moog’s signature on the front where the Moog logo is now. I used to think the wood siding was a cute little gimmick but I really appreciate how it ages.


My jx-03 It literally sleeps with me and my Octatrack


OP-1 for me.


mmmh… cant choose:

a) my modular system (mostly filled with doepfer stuff) because of the genius warmth…
b) my fender aerodyne jazz bass (because of the sound and the gorgeous all black finish look)
c) my doublebass, because of pure wood makes the most perfect sound
d) my AR, because it gave me a totally quicker approach on beats…
e) my toca congas, cause beside all instruments… this is the one i always come back too :-)) just fun playing them

so… i am lost… cant make a decision. .-))


Second that ! :slight_smile:


I can’t choose between these, I lose myself for hours with them both…