Your most beautiful instrument


you hardly ever see one for sale, so this listing is worth a look!


I’ll keep my eyes peeled in the future. I’m in save mode for now (got an international move happening this summer) but if I ever buy a physical midi controller again it’s going to be this. It’s just stunning and I hate playing keyboards.


Yeah I said that to myself when it showed up in my mixer research! Yeah the routing and features to footprint ratio was the main selling point for me originally, but then I read up on minimal phase shift and the APB quality standard and resolved that I had to have one. If you’re interested in basically the same mixer minus some features and a tiny bit of a quality downgrade check out the Crest x20r. I can point you to a new one for sale at aout 1/3 the price of the APB. The Crest guys split to form APB after Peavey bought them out.


Haha classic
Crazy coincidence as just yesterday I downloaded this plugin instrument from Noiiz
Sounds great. Unique sound



Dekards Dream & Lyra8


With this panel, the whole thing looks much more expensive. If I wouldn’t know that this was a Neutron, i would guess that it‘s one of those really rare, super expensive modular systems.

Really like it!


Hard to choose- one of these:

Anderson Classic:

DW Super Solid Snare:



:zap::zap: Without a doubt :cactus::cactus:


Beautiful. Where is that?


Digitakt by far. Yellow on black is one of my favorite color schemes and I love the almost industrial construction of it.


Yellow on black!DSCN1559


If the creator were to finally make a standalone Soundplane, man, that would be the ultimate MPE electronic instrument for me! Such a great design, and it’s one of the very few electronic instruments which incorporates real wood in a functional way.


its just a matter of perspective


That’s pretty. What is it?


doepfer dark time sequencer


This was my very first synth. I bought it on HP back in 1981 or so. Scared the life out of everyone from my bedroom as a schoolkid. Happy memories!


I asked my gf what she thought.

Can’t repeat the answer on here though