What are your favorite sample packs that you use the most?

Hi guys! my favorite and frequently used package is blu mar ten - jungle jungle. I heard a lot of elements from this pack in different tracks that I liked and I was looking for this pack for about a year, when I found and listened to these voice samples for the first time I was in 7th heaven wah, because I was really looking for it for a very long time. maybe you have such favorite and very important packs for you!?


Try here:


@darenager’s DrumA sample pack is one I’ve used a lot in the past.
@taro’s are ace as well, there are very interesting sounds in these.
I remember having gathered a lot of Elektron Users’ soundpacks a bit after it closed and switched to Elektronauts…

I also have fun browsing freesound.org looking for unusual sounds to mangle. Morphagene’s one are interesting.


None whatsoever.

I notice that browsing samples kills my creative spirit. I make samples the moment I need them and don’t store them for further use outside the project. Making and mangling samples is part of my creative composition process.

Only exception: if I find good longer voice sample on yt I sometimes sample it imediately for possible later use. The further processsing or chopping only occurs when I actually need/use it.

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