Your digitakt setup


Very nice. Could you post some more pics of that setup? I’m interested in how it was racked, the routing, and what type of case (if any) that it fits in. Thx!


It’s a slanted 13u (I think) Odyssey mixer case. I installed an additional set of rack rails in the back to mount the patch bay and power conditioner under the OT.

Here’s a few more pics


Your shot lends weight to flat earth theory…:joy:


Thx! Very cool!


Ho lee fuk
Looks amazing
Any overheating issues?


DT & A4 get along VERY well. Works great for me currently and aside from some outboard fx, i am pretty happy workflow wise. :slight_smile:


Here’s my latest setup. Is there any way to hook these 3 up without using a mixer?


Nope. The only issue is the box is pretty heavy.


Question for you. How do you have your digitakt going into your kmix? I have a kmix with all my electron gear running through it but I need all channels of the mixer. Do you run a 2-1 cable from digitakt’s left and right outputs to one channel on the mixer? When I do this it blows out the sound. Only solution I have found is running from one channel (left) on my electron devices to one of the 8 channels on the mixer. I then pan all the way to the left on the elektrons boxes. I’m obviously doing it wrong.


Nice compact setup! ! guess you can do audio monitoring from A1R > Digitone > Digitakt but it will be summed to mono.


I sold my kmix, but yes I had digi LR out going to channels 2&3 on the kmix.
It sounds like you need a mixer with more inputs.
Maybe since you have other elektron devices you can route your digitakt into one of those. Good luck!


One of these it has 8 audio inputs so perfect for your set up


Sorry I never saw your reply, nice option.


thanks for the reply. I want them on separate channels for the aux sends. why did you sell it?


I guess I wanted an analog heat instead? And I didn’t like the pseudo-physical controls. I couldn’t jump to a volume or setting like i can with an encoder or pot.
I was just looking at the audio fuse though


Loving these setups!

Night and Day


Ive been through alot of gear in my short time with electronic music. I definitely dived head first into it.

Through a process of elimination im now sure that the digitakt, the alpha juno2, and my keystep are essential. They arent going anywhere. I think i need just one more sound source, but im really not sure what it should be. I tried a bass station ii, a monologue (actually really liked that one, too much space taken up though) and a behringer model d. Nothing has really stuck.

But i feel like if i ever sold the DT or the alpha juno it would be a mistake. So im gonna do my best not to let GAS cloud my judgement. The fact is i have everything i need to make music


Simple setup but all nice bits of gear.
Korg Monologue
UA Apollo Twin Quad
A&H Zed 10 (thinking of switching to the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK)
Strymon El Capistan (ADORE this thing)
Boss RV-6 (really don’t like it, will change this thing soon… too cold and boxy)
Novation Launchpad MK2
Novation Impulse 49
Rode NT2A
Focal CMS65 (JUST got them to replace the Yamahas. HOLY SHITBALLS SO GOOD)
A trumpet :wink:


I sole pretty much all my gear minus my Push2 last year as we had a baby and I wanted some cash towards an electric skateboard. Nearly killed myself on the thing so sold it. Found myself not wanting to sit in front of a computer making music when I got home from work.
So …

Digitakt, TB-03 and Scooper are all new to my computer-less setup.
Still getting my head around the Digitakt. Still to get this lot all connected and talking.


Not super streamlined but it works beautifully:

Dreadbox Erebus (for bass & leads)
Dreadbox Nyx (for pads & soundscapes)
iPad with Beatmaker 3 and a bunch of synths

All goes into an UAD Apollo 8, of which one Cue Mix goes back out to the Digitakt (mono), which allows me to resample any of the gear. I also have a dynamic mic (AKG D5) going into the other Line In of the Digitakt, for vocals & vocal sampling.