Your digitakt setup


That looks great


Nice modular set up :+1:t3:


I’m back, with a fresh Digitakt. I hope this one does not crash incessantly like the one I returned 8 months ago.


Here’s my setup


Nice stands, where did you get them?


Home depot. I just had to cut it, sand it and finish it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha nice! I totally forgot that it have holes on the sides, this should be super easy to make.


No idea if it has holes or not. Those are mock screws. 3m double sided tape.


Mock screws? What for?


I am definitely overcomplicating it hhh looks nice though


So I get people commenting going “I can’t believe you drilled into it.”


How did you rack Digitakt and Heat?


My setup for the coming 3 months on a business trip, hoping overbridge will come so i can pair the digitakt with ableton :slight_smile:



Alesis VI25 --> DT --> Blofeld :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about buying this. Do you guys think that angle would be annoying if the Digitakt was on top?


I would not want that, no. Dont want to be pressing pads in mid-air


wow! I love this!
Are you mixing in the OT?


Yup. All ins and outs are plugged into the patch bay and normalled into there preset destinations. So without having to patch anything the DT is routed into OT 1/2, the Virus LR1 out into OT 3/4, OT cue out into Virus In, the OT main out into the HT and the HT out to speakers. However any of these connections can be easily broken and rerouted by patching the patch bay.


those setup pics are borderline pornographic. Amazing!