Your digitakt setup



Thanks :grinning: In reality the Minilogue PG looks even better than on the photo.


Some lovely setups here, would be nice if those who are posting would also include signal flow details, ya know, midi routing/audio routing, what is used for what :slight_smile:


Here’s my setup

I use the electribe as a pad controller for everything (as it has a gate arp, scale modes, chord mode etc.) so have its MIDI Out going to the Engine MIDI Sequencer MIDI In.

I take the MIDI Out Port 1 from the Engine into a MIDI Thru box then on to the JU-06, SH-01A, MX-1, 2 x MB-33’s and also back into the MIDI In of my electribe. This way both the electribe and Engine can be used to play/sequence the rest of my gear.

My Engine is the brain of my setup. I use it to sequence everything, even the digitakt (as the DT has a program change issue) and electribe (as it sequencer sucks big time). I use it to send notes, chords, CC’s, parameter locks, LFO’s, arpeggiator, transpose, tempo changes, Program Changes etc. It can do different lengths and scale per track, and set any start/end point within the grid. It has forward, back, pendulum, random, and probability pattern directions. You can shift whole patterns left/right or individual notes. It has a great song mode. Amazing machine!

I use the MIDI Out Port 2 from the Engine for drum/sample duties so this goes to my TR-8 and then MIDI Thru to the Digitakt. I find keeping drums on a seperate ports prevents MIDI jitter as less data on the other MIDI chain.

The audio outputs from everything go into my MX-1 where I can also add performance effects (delay, reverb, stutter, sidechain, filters, eq etc.).

I have the MX-1 effects send/return connected to the Digitakt Left sampling input (mono only, can’t see the point in connecting it up in stereo if it all gets summed to mono anyway) so I can literally sample anything in my setup with seconds.

I have a 1/8” audio cable permanently connected to the Digitakt Right sampling input so I can quickly connect my iPhone, Zoom H1 microphone or my Pocket Operator PO-32 Tonic for sampling.

Finally I have a Zoom MS-100 multieffects pedal connected to the Audio Out of one of my MB33’s so I can add distortion/overdrive or other effects. That’s everything I think.

Any questions just ask.


Nice :smiley: Cheers for the description too.
I hope others continue to do the same, it will help other people work out alternate ways of setup that may be beneficial to what they are trying to achieve :smiley:


I recently decided to go through and downsize my setup a bit. Sometimes less is more! It started when I realized that I didn’t have the space or acoustic treatment to get the proper placement and thus sound out of my studio monitors, so I decided to switch to 2.1 speakers instead. I mean I’m not a professional any more, this is merely a hobby. And in an imperfect space I appreciate the space savings and artificially enhanced low end :wink:

In this setup the Deluge is the master clock, and also can sequence the Digitone and Nord Drum. The Launchpad Pro is simply acting as a MIDI controller to allow velocity/pressure sensitive playing on the Deluge/Digitone.

Since the K-Mix has 8x8 ins/outs, I’m able to send audio from anything to anything. So I can route things to either the Deluge or Digitakt for sampling, or to the Digitone for effects (once they fix the pops and clicks!)

You might wonder “why would you want to sequence the Digitone when it has the world famous Elektron sequencer in it?”. The reason is that the Deluge has no maximum/fixed track length, and can be much higher resolution. Plus this way I can also use the Launchpad Pro via the Deluge as a MIDI controller.

At some point I will get some nicer stands for the DN/DT as the Isberget from Ikea does flex a bit more than I’d like. And this may look totally different in a week!

I unfortunately had to go out and buy a shelf to contain all the orphaned machines while I try to decide what, if anything, I will get rid of.


I know the feeling


VSTs from the PC.

Hope to add Octactrack MK2 to the setup soon and then after I saved enough maybe get the Novation Peak.


Shot of my full setup.

Getting an ADA8200 tomorrow so I can have everything plugged in at once!


Modest setup here.
Analog 4 Mk1
Future Retro XS
Moog Minitaur

The setup pictures I have seen have inspired me to get tidy and having everything in its place will increase creative flow I am sure. I must clean my room.


Current Setup on my desk:

Teenage Engineering PO20
Elektron Digitone


The Digitone can apply FX on incoming audio?




How do you get your cables so neat and hidden behind the gear? Shorter cables and cable ties? Mine is the opposite, lol


The Deluge / Launchpad are on a Pedaltrain pedalboard on top of a keyboard stand, this gives me room to pass cables through to the underside and bundle up any surplus. Similarly, the DT/DN are on an Ikea Isberget tilted laptop stand which has space underneath for hiding cables.

But generally speaking I use short cables to avoid a lot of surplus, a lot of Velcro cable ties, and some split loom tubing in a few places.

I work in IT, I guess cable management has become second nature.


This is my setup at the moment, I keep changing it, but really like this way right now. Keystep (not shown) into Digitakt out to the Deepmind 12, DM12 thru to a CV.OCD box to convert midi for channel 1+2 on the Digi into CV, so that I can control 2 voices/CV on the eurorack. I should try to incorporate my Virus Snow, but not much room left on the desk. Everything is mixed and recorded straight to SD card on the Zoom R16.

Love the Digitakt, but recently due to its limitations it is making me GAS for an Octatrack 2.



that ultrapatch thing is neat !


My bedroom setup:
Midi from keyboard to DT. Midi out from DT to Alesis midi IO hub that is connected to iPad (to sync, record midi.)

All Audio goes to mixer. AUX from any channel goes to DT Input L, for selecting any audio to be resampled from ANY source.

CTRL ROOM goes to Zoom U24 IN. Main out from Zoom goes to line in 1,2 in mixer, to record audio into Ableton, gives me flexibility to monitor etc…


this gave me an idea for changing my setup layout. |Thanks.