Your digitakt setup


Turn them 90 degrees and they won’t be!


Oh, battle style!
I Dj’d that way for a time. Kept bumping the tone arm!

But still, it’s 5.5" too long with a third DT, there, sideways… and they’re 6.9" long (tall?)


I like its size, everything is laid out nicely :slight_smile:


My Digitakt setup is… well… just the Digitakt :slight_smile: I’ve been very pleased with how much it can do by itself and the factory samples.

My short-term plan is to experiment with and potentially incorporate:
Seekbeats (iPad)
Soundscaper (iPad)
VCV Rack (PC)

Would be cool to get into MAX/MSP down the road.

Will probably get a Digitone eventually or an A4 but those are longterm goals.


I’ve probably drawn about 200 of these “ideal setup” drawings! Started 19 years ago back in college…


Do you also enjoy writing lists? :wink:


hahaha, well, a little bit.

I just love imagining the power of various gear setups. It’s kind of a curse because I distract myself from actually sitting down and using what I’ve got.


Hello everyone!
I’m a long time lurker and decided to make an account and post my setup. I have the digitakt for about two months now and I’m having so much fun with it. It basically made the drumbrute and beatstep pro I used before obsolete.

The laptop is there to record everything that’s being routed through the little mixer. The korg nanokontrol just keeps the microkorg at a comfortable place to play


Woah hold the phone… you can seq the op1 slices via Midi? I did not know this. And what’s this op1 lfo your talking about? Is that the lfo from the DT to the op1 or the other way around?

How well do the sync? Also how does tape mode sync with the DT?

Sorry so many questions but this is intriguing stuff!!


I also do this :joy::sob::pensive:


First (you probably know this already) you have to have a usb host between them, I use the Kenton.

Yes you can seq OP-1 slices! I use the drum sampler to manually slice up a sample. Then the slices can be sequenced like any other note on the op. I have a keystep hooked up to my DT and it’s cool to be able to have chromatic samples on the DT and slices on the op for the best of both worlds.

The OP-1 midi lfo is on the op in the lfo menu. It’s just a very simple 4 parameter cc control. Calling it an lfo is a little misleading. So you can set cc 1-4 to control any synth, fx or envelope parameter. Then set up cc 1-4 on the DT midi tracks. Use trigless trigs or p lock regular trigs and let the fun begin. I really like using trigless on long chords or notes to create motion or more “melodies”. For example, sequencing the cutoff on hi pass side of Nitro with resonance cranked and you can actually p lock notes with the filter. A little vid of this in action:

The high pitched sort of whistling that comes in about halfway through is the singing filter. Another cool thing I did here is sequence the finger sequencer with the DT. Just like sequencing any other note, you can sequence different sequences since they start with a note message. The possibilities are pretty deep.

As far as syncing, they do sync up and pressing play on the DT will start the tape which is cool. It’s a little shaky and I actually had the op1 freeze once! I typically just set the tempos the same without syncing and just sequence stuff. Hit play on the op1 in time if need be.


That beat was really nice!!
Thanks for explaining all that, if only I knew about these possibilities before I sold my DT :persevere:
I have a DN on the way so I guess I can achieve much the same setup.
The Kenton USB host, is it Mk2? I can only see Mk2’s for sale at around $180AUD.

Pity about the sync not being stable!

There is a guy on the op1 forum who posted a Raspberry Pi image that runs as a USB host, just needs a usb2midi plugged in for the DT/DN or run both off USB Midi I guess.

Again thanks :pray:

Seems like a great little setup, and your right about deep possibilities, I didn’t know you could trigger the finger seqs by midi either!

Edit: here’s the Pi USB host guide


Here is my current setup (although I have a Blofeld on the way and I need to get a dedicated reverb…currently using the reverb from the Echo System and Bitquest depending on the sound I’m going for)):

I have a switch so I can choose between running the Moog or the OP-1 through the effects. The Key Step controls the Sub Phatty, OP-1 is master clock, and the Digitakt goes straight to the mixer.


My three little friends :metal::star_struck::metal:


Prophet 6
Space Echo


What’s the signal flow here? AH on the master out from the DT?


i second that question, i want to try this myself, but i have yet to find anything


Well its pretty easy actually. If you use software (like Lumen), just use your midi out to a midi interface. At the moment I’ve got an hardware video synth (Critter&Guitari ETC) that has midi in. I use the midi tracks to switch presets, colors, sensitivity. Loads and Loads of fun! Its even more fun with the OT crossfader…


Signal flow is this :
Modular into El Capistan and Space into Kmix
Digitakt Into Kmix
Master out into AH
AH to speakers/sub.

So Analog Heat is heating and compressing the whole mix. I’ve pondered putting it as an effect send since I have I/O available on the Kmix but I’ve haven’t tried it yet. It works great as is.


Man!! this minilogue color is pretty dope. I love the original, the one I have, but is dope too.