Your digitakt setup


Am I the only one on here struggling with signal flow? It can get complicated even with just a few devices.

I’ve purchased a Behringer M400 MicroMix which is a tiny cheap little box, takes mono signals and combines them and you can adjust volume per input to a single TS output. Anyone using this in their setup? I’d like to avoid a mixer but I only have a stereo pair of line level 1/4" on my usb Audio Input. using the DT and Monologue would sum everything to mono and I could only use a single mono output as I understand it.


Got the DT last week, here’s my rig…


Nice. I had the electribe, the synth side was ok. Hated thr samples and everything else. Only piece of gear I’ve ever sold.


This is my new digitakt set up, begins tracks without PC and finish the live set with it


i mainly use the electribe as a midi controller for my other gear because you can assign scales to the pads, plus I quite like the gate arp. Its sequencer is terrible though so I sequence everything from my engine. I agree with you about the sounds, if I use it for sounds at all it’s just for the odd synth voice and for that its quite handy.


My Setup is not big yet but :slight_smile: The Digitakt , Novation Circuit , Novantion control , Korg Monoloque , Alesis qx25. Alto live 1202 and reason 10.

Will get the digitone and the Analog heat


Digi what?


? Digitone en Heat why


You said digi heat? The machine is analog heat


how is the shruthi xt?




This caught my attention only just now. There’s something in your drawing I’d like to better understand: the side chain split. I’ve been thinking about getting a dedicated compressor for a while, but I don’t quite understand how the routing works. Could you maybe elaborate a bit more on how you have set up things to get your compressor pumping?


The DT is small, but it’s mighty! :smile:


The functional density of sampling power on just that one shelf is mighty indeed.


Kaoss Pad 3
korg minilogue
Moog Sub37


I like it for bass moogy sounds for now.


How are you liking the MPC Live fitting into that setup? I feel like the talk about it died off a lot after the hype leading up to the release…


The Live is not part of the MIDI setup, for now at least. I think of them as 2 different setups, for different genres even. I mostly use the Live for long samples and recording audio tracks from my other gear.

I think that the MPC Live is amazing, it has tons of features and it’s a joy to use. I had the MPC 2500 prior to this and the workflow is like 100 times faster. I miss the buttons and interface of my 2500 but in every other area the Live is far superior. Chopping samples is such a breeze.

Overall I really like it and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the MPC workflow and is into heavy sampling and editing. It’s an essential tool for hip hop, but not so much for other genres, there are better options for those.


I hate how massive the analogue 4 mk 2 is. It’s like 3x Digitakts!!!


I don’t understand.
2 digitakts are wider than a MKII Analog.