Your digitakt setup


Currently using Digitakt to sequence the Minitaur. The MPK mini works great with the AFmkII but I really want to sequence both units with the Digitakt.


Oh man, loving these pics. Keep the coming. Lots of good ideas.


Double Digitakt!



First post here on the forum, been lurking a while though. Some really nice setups in this thread!

I’ve had all manner of Elektron Gear over the years - MnM, MDUW, OT, A4. The one I’m getting along with the most though is the Digitakt.

I’ve been trying to put together a small, self contained live setup for a while now and finally nailed it once I got hip to the Digitakt.

As others have said it really fills a lot of gaps and makes a one synth setup rather easy for making tracks OTB. Really fun piece of kit…


Lovely set up. Did you make the wooden stand yourself?


^It was originally a stand for some volcas I had that I got in a package deal on eBay. Sold the volcas, kept the stand, but broke it down, repurposed it, and stained the wood it to what you see there. So, I kind of made it I suppose, out of materials precut by someone else. :slight_smile:


Great setup. Love your style!


Digitakt and OB-6 since the last shared pic…




nice fx arsenal there…


I think your set up should be called blotaktsky… love little minimal rigs like this.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Love this, very cool


my setup here: Digitakt control tempo and program change…on AK, and control…korg R3 and Waldorf Streichfett…


Here’s my set up.
Digitakt as brain and drum wizard
Minitaur for bass
Reface CS for pads
0-coast for leads
And last I switch between volca fm, Yamaha QY70 and a monotribe


Elektron Digitakt
Moog Mother 32
Moog Minitaur


Some ideas today, digitakt and virus snow


What place does the Digitakt have in your music? Do you use it just for the drums? As groovebox? To control other synths? What kind of music you do? How does it all fit together? How do you use other instruments? Do you wrap things up in a DAW or do you try to have a hardware only thing going on?

I’ve used it just for the drums on my songs with the band I’m in, but I’ve also been doing some Digitakt solo thingies and I quite like using it as a groovebox. Currently I have Digitakt and some HW synths being controlled from the computer, but I was thinking of flipping things around and maybe just using the MIDI on Digitakt.

The lack of saveable songs and a couple other hassles in making multi-pattern compositions are a bit irritating sometimes, but overall the workflow is really smooth and the box is really self-contained.

Current using a DAW where I put everything together, but I’d really like to use the computer just for recording if possible. I’ve lost inspiration for doing stuff in fron of a keyboard and screen.


Sounding lovely. Seen a TI come up cheap… I don’t think I can resist.