Your digitakt setup

E-rm’s Multiclock

Lately, I’ve primarily used it for sample accurate sync, but now that I have 3 separate sequencers, I’m looking forward to using the multiple clocks to shuffle/shift.

I’ve used the monomachine to sequence it…had one when it was first released for a couple of years, but then sold it. Purchased one a year or so ago again…looking forward to begin sequencing it with the DT.

Aye, I bolted some Ikea furniture that I had together to make a rack case for it…and yes, the OB6 dominates the desk real estate.

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This weekend I am gonna say goodbye to the A4, Mini & Microbrute and
welcome a Nord Lead A1.

I needed a large keyboard as well and a more hands on Synth, but capable of a wide range of sounds.
Set up for creating sounds for the OT & DT : Nord A1, KORG Volca FM + HEAT + DT

Why get rid of the A4 : while a great machine, it distracted me to much. To much going on in there, while fun playing with it, I going to focus on the RYTM, DT and OT
Mini + Microbrute : Again great fun to play with, but I think I am better of with the new situation, A1 + Korg Volca FM and larger Keyboard. Should be also great fun using the sequencer of the DT controlling the A1.

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OT as master running through AH mixing DT and AR. Will probably stay away from Midi sequencing and fill up OT, DT, AR with samples from Micromonsta, PreenFM, Sub37, Minilogue and a few others.

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I still trying to figure out how to route the midi. I have a 1->4 midi going from the DT out to everything but was wondering if I can get another splitter so I can use each instruments keyboard???


Returning my OT. So it’ll be my Op-1 and DT

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well… lol. :smile_cat:


When I buy a new toy I tend to make space for it so I can focus only on that piece of gear. So Digitakt only for a while, altho I’m fairly sure the urge to sample stuff will set in quickly… Then slap it on top of the Analog Keys alongside a 0-Coast, probably routing the 3 toys into and out of each other as needed, I wanna keep it mixer free. My other stuff is taking a longer vacation in a closet atm

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My set up this morning. So perfect right now. Everything’s so small but not.



Digitakt, in the wild!

Simple because, well I’ve only been OTB for a couple of months apart from an OP-1 which I seriously regret selling. There’s a 1210 not in the pic. I sample from this and the denon cassette deck as well as my iPhone.


Gonna see if I can get this cabled up tonight.


When i said just DT + A4 i lied. Forgot the Modular i´m building :wink: and AH should be arriving today


My very humble Digitakt setup - otherwise known as the corner of the dining room.


What is that too the left of the DT? Looks like some grid sequencer?

Will try this setup , midi worked quite well today but I did have 1 freeze.


I use the DT standalone for now. Feeding it by sampling drum machines and synths. Can’t wait to start sequencing external gear and buildings some patterns and sets.