Your digitakt setup

Ha :grin: yeh.
The mutate and randomiser buttons are brilliant.
So lazy, but so good for completely different stuff you’d never thought of.

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That’s the way

The Digitakt was gone for awhile but I had to get another one. Rearranged a bit as well. This is the “Everything can sample everything” configuration. Also recently added are the LXR, SH-01a, and Launchpad Pro.


What is that thing above the OP-1?

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That is a Synthstrom Audible Deluge, the best no-compromises groovebox type device I’ve ever laid hands on, full stop.

Synthstrom Website
Public Facebook Group
Elektronauts Thread


Wow, that is a very attractive and fun looking box.
Pricey, probably for obvious reasons.
I think you have given me a YouTube subject of the day.

How you liking the LXR??

It’s great. If it had pads and a warranty it would be perfect. But it sounds fantastic, and the sequencer is really fun to program. Overall I’m very happy with it. (Full disclosure: I didn’t build it myself.)

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Got it from MA? I played with a built one there a month or two ago at a synth meet up.

Yeah it belonged to one of the guys there. I think once I sample the bejeezus out of it, the LXR might come out of the setup proper as I’m encountering a bit of sequencer overload. But it’s definitely a nice machine to have around.

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Ripping up some furious distorted beats here. Just had a baby so it’s in my headphones only. But wow, what a jam. X


pinched a dell monitor stand from work and bolted the digitakt to that :slight_smile:


Holy balls, that’s brilliant! There are a bazillion of those laying around in every IT department on the planet!

Here’s an update on my micro desk :
With pop up laptop stand to boot :slight_smile:

Very very psyched on this new Heat addition !

Still a couple minor changes to come for the modular; as always.

On a totally unrelated note, I have had no luck at all with my Mac (w/ Logic or Ableton) recognizing the Heat in Overbridge… If someone could point me to a nice how to that’d be great… I have no idea what to to as it seems to be set up right…

Edit :
And an extract of the patch pictured here :


DT filling in for my Maschine Mk3 & Jam which haven’t been working for almost 2 months :roll_eyes:


What’s that cool looking 4x4 pad thing with a bunch of knobs below your eurorack setup?

That’s the Make Noise Rene module.

Currently using Digitakt to sequence the Minitaur. The MPK mini works great with the AFmkII but I really want to sequence both units with the Digitakt.


Oh man, loving these pics. Keep the coming. Lots of good ideas.

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