Your digitakt setup


Haha, that’s my Digitakt setup, because, uh, I don’t have a Digitakt… :wink:


You’ve got an Octatrack! WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?! :smiley:
(Other than a Digitakt :wink: )


I see a lot of people who can’t possibly drink as much as I do.

Got the digitakt hooked up to my newly acquired Minilogue, and everything running through a SPL Crimson into Macbook Pro with Ableton Live. And I have a Push. Lots of fun. I’m getting an Rc-202 and gonna see how much of a badass synth/vocalist-looperboy I can become. Should probably get a mixer at some point though, but using Live as a Mixer works pretty good for now.


Good move! I love mine.


Cool! Actually just got a message that it arrived at the post office. Now, to get my ass out of my apartment…


My rig and the music it makes :slight_smile:

Funny how the Digitakt has made me refine my modular when I though it was “done” a month ago… Such a powerful machine.


the minimal setup I just achieved is:

Gameboy DMG.

I’m hopefully going to expand that a bit though with Overbridge to ableton, another chip synth (YM2149), another gameboy underclocked, an APC40 for dub mixing and a dub siren (which I need to make.)


nice kid acne piece :slight_smile:


Thanks. I scanned 5 images of his from a small book of his (the Kaskad book) I picked up on eBay some years ago (always been a fan). I then got the images printed real big and then block mounted. Each one probably worked out at about £50, but they all came out really good. If you want a 15mb scan of that image from the book then pm me an email address.




Love it! :slight_smile:
A formidable sound station with a fast interface… And I really dig that groove!


Thanks a lot ! I really like it as it is, no distraction and very inspiring. And when the inspiration isn’t there I just create snippets to sample in the Digitakt :alien:

There’s the entire tune here if you fancy :


Is that a Twin Reverb?
Best amp ever!


Wow this pretty much nails my dream-setup minus a bass station 2 and an access virus :slight_smile: very nice


My digi will be arriving in a couple days and am looking forward to getting it setup to sequence my synths, etc. ~ how are ya’ll accomplishing this? Via midi in, out and thrus? Or midi out to interface and then routed or using a seperate midi ‘box’?


I use this simple midi thru box:


I use a kenton midi thru box connected to the digitakt midi out. It has 1 in and 4 midi out, the out go’s to 3 induvidual instruments and 1 goes into a daisy chained set of midi devices that have midi thru


Can the cat do midi? Looks lige its plugged in to :wink:


Just got an OP-1 (again!) to pair with my DT, along with a Kenton to make them talk. This is my dream combo!! Finally, no GAS! Especially handy for working around the DT’s lack of slice mode. The OP is my slice lab now. Sequencing the slices with the DT along with the OP-1 midi LFO is amazing!


Current set up, nothing special but producing results. Volcas are just food for the digi right now. Head phone out of the digi is going into the kp1, that way I get a dry and wet signal, sort of.