Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Playful karimba is •super• pleasant


Tycho? Is that you?!


I saw an fb post for an remix contest so i made my own techno track from the samples which i found underneath. Orginal is an drum 'n bass track. Did the whole thing with the DT




Late to the party, but I wanna be part of this lovely thread :smiley:
Did my first little track with the Digi yesterday… Bear with me, I’m only muting and unmuting tracks. Have to develop some performance tricks :wink:


New Track with digitakt is out:


I agree about the creativity injection. I am in love with he dt. I have a bunch of awesome gear and use a DAW a lot. But all I’ve wanted to do lately is rock out in the dt.
This thing is so live and fun and just the whole workflow is something I’ve never experienced. I clicked with it immediately.
I am so inspired to just keep creating with it. I love the stuff I’m making with it.

How are you guys capturing your tracks. Do you just record the outputs into a computer and do a live jam type thing ?


Posted this all-Digitakt release here on Elektronauts before, thought it’d be fitting for this thread :smile_cat::v::pray:


Awesome !


Hey sorry, just saw this. I have been avoiding Elektronauts lately to help me deal with the perpetual delay of the next DT update.

So the opening bit is just some sampled acoustic guitar that I am glitching out on DT. I’ve got a kick and rim shot sample for the main beat and then various little Think Break segments that come in and out. I have two versions of the break, a dry version that has probability and re-trigs and one that has delay on it and I believe shorter envelopes so that the individual loops fade out faster. At first I am manually playing the track mutes on the dubby break track and then I bring in the main one. Then I am using CTRL-ALL to bring the pitch of all tracks up and down and doing bit reduction swells and then reloading the pattern. Then I add in the more uptempo choppy melodic thing which is just from the same guitar sample and then just remove some elements gradually until the end.


Cheeky Digitakt jam. All samples from the rest of my hardware


It’s a dark four to the floor track with some glitch stuff. Done just on the Digitakt.


I like that change at 1:20-1:30, cool track!


Some selected patterns made in my first sessions with the DT.
I have to say, I think I’m in love. It made me go with the flow lately, not thinking to much about what I’m doing. Part 2 follows. Hope you like it.


Awesome! Very inspirational tracks :sunglasses:


Part2 of my little compilation :blush:


So many amazing tracks in this thread! I don’t have a DT but it’s really encouraging to see that people are prolific with theirs. It seems to be a breeze to use. Probably going to pick one up in the spring after years of wrestling with the OT and not really creating much at all.


Here is another solo Digitakt thingy.


very nice I want to get a DT to work in company with my OT!


Both of what I heard of those videos were excellent! What did you use as sample sources?!


Thank you!
The factory samples for the most part, since I bought it recently and was curious what I can achieve only using these.
In one pattern I sampled U-he Diva and Chromaphone 2, in another Animoog.
And I used some loops of chinese instruments which the previous owner left on the +drive :slight_smile:

I think the stock sounds are great. Nice drums and single cycle waveforms.
Yesterday I sampled a lot of bread and butter basssounds of U-he Repro 1.