Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


The first little sketch I recorded from the Digitakt. I like how easy it is to use odd times with the DT- not just with the conditional trigs, but also the 2x8 sequencer layout makes programing sequences more naturally organized.



Thanks for the mental dance for my Thursday morning


Im really liking what you’ve created here. And damn, only 2 patterns for King Princen? Nice!!


dude those little hi hat fills on A-Challenge, On Point!!!

Hey is this the main FB group with those challenges?


pure fuego here @HOOOPS - loving the minimalistic vibe. all DT for sequencing in the box etc?


first DT playing around… than record to Ableton in separate tracks. glued together with Softube TAPE


Thanks yeah correct was in the main FB group


Thanks again! in hindsight i’ve could have done it with one pattern hehe…with the fill cond-trig


Sorry this has probably been asked before, but does digitakt-only mean only factory samples?


No… Just what you made purely on the Digitakt


This is basically an extended jam with the patterns I created since I got the digitakt, recorded directly to tape through a cheap Sony boombox. Edited in the radio blur noise afterwards.


Cool, liked the dark hip-hoppy part around 8mins


I keep coming back here and finding really good stuff on this thread!
Nice job people’s…


Really enjoyed this. Could you explain what’s going on? (samples, breaks, tracks etc.)


Hey there,
Many good tracks have popped over this thread! A bunch of them sounds neat!
I don’t know if you guys saw “the digitakt experience” video from Cern (Elektron), I guess you did, in which he performs a dazzling liveset IMO … Lots of finger tricks and useful tips :wink:

Do you think the DT is meant to be a Live tool, for people who love on-the-spot moves ? Or a digital brain for music producers?
I tried to imitate The Master (Cern) in a short live performance, feel free to listen to it and give your opinion :slight_smile: (I know it’s flawed but I worked hard on that, in fact I composed the whole live in order to achieve tricks)
The link :


It is awesome hearing all the great contributions here! It is very inspirational to see what other people are making and always opens up new ideas for me. I have had my Digitakt for a few days now. This is all Digitakt recorded into Bitwig with only a compressor on the master chain.


DT is a grateful little device. I also used Bigwig for final touches.


Lovely. Excellent job :wink:


Here’s my first attempt at using, aaalmost, just the digitakt :slight_smile: Trying to figure out some kind of liveset. Made some beats on it last night and made a performative jam with it tonight. So much fun! A few misses here and there, and i really need to figure out how to reign some aspects of the sound, but overall I think it’s okay. I ran the digitakt through my Firewire 1814 into Ableton Live and used my APC 40 to control some reverb and filters in Ableton. Haven’t edited the file, just did some minor mastering.

Edit: I just listened on laptop speakers. If you’re gonna listen, please don’t listen on those :smiley: