Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Here it is a Techno track I made using DT only.


I’ve made two pieces of music with just the Digitakt in an attempt to see what it could do with samples of my guitar in both one-shots and some phrases I played:


Blimbo (Reprise)


Well it was my first one

So mitch things in progress but just one other published :


Using Pure Data to drive the Digitakt. See the YouTube comments for a description.


Fuxi Kit:
2 x Kick, 2x Sub(Akey),3x Snare
1x Rim, 1x Djembe, 1x Conga
5 x single hit instrument samples

Fuxi BPM
00 – 76.3
01 – 89.7
02 – 96.3
03 – 106.3
04 – 118.2
05 – 127.4
06 – 133.3
07 – 152.6

Fuxi runtime:
47 minutes

100% Digitakt
record on Zoom H6
trim and master in DAW


fantastic set, dude! love the variety. sounds like you had a lot of fun programming and playing this


Thank You so much!
Have great time making
can probably feel my glee
emanate from this.
playing, yes sometimes off the cuff,
always from the hip!


crash bandicoot !!! :slight_smile: