Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)

Hey guys!
In spite of the nice sunny day today here in northern Germany, I spent the whole day making, recording and uploading this track. I used mainly the digitakt, althought it was controlling my volca bass too, and also used some extra control with the beatstep midi controller. I hope you like it. Every feedback is welcome:

Hey, a little beat I made only with Digitakt thru AH and directly recorded in Olympus LS100 with no mastering (because I suck at mastering)

Not sure if it counts because I bounced to ableton and sequenced the tracks there instead of directly, but I made the loops on digitakt

An “underground deep house” EP I made as a weekend project


Finally getting a feel for my Digitakt, made this today at a coffee shop.
It’s called “TreeTreeTree”

Then recorded into Bitwig with overbridge and did a little light EQ to clean up some muddy mids. But it’s all Digitakt performed in one take.


DT only, everything else is used for processing


I’m practicing my finger drumming on the Digitakt without using the sequencer :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice job.
Maybe you can think to buy an Akai MPD226. It have 16 MPC-Live pads and Midi OUT and can be powered by DC in.
By connecting midi MPD226 -> DT -> DN you can fingerdrum both and have 4 pads left for scale.
I use it to fingerdrum the DT it’s much more confortable than the DT button and have velocity response.
Also have 4 pads config bank and 3 controller config bank. Lot of fun if you want work with fingerdrumming :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @blaize! And thanks for the tip :slight_smile: . I have a beatstep (not pro) which is has slightly jittery pads, and I’ve used it to try out finger drumming with the Digitone. I thought about using it here too, but was too lazy to set it up and worked directly on the Digitakt instead. I’ve been checking out prices on an SP404, but I just can’t justify getting another piece of gear this soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, another production of mine i did ONLY on Digitakt, Thats my favorite one and its on Spitify.
There is more to be coming.
Of course with the help of external gear like MicroKorg, miced up guitar amp and a Model D.
Have listen and get swallpwed :blush:


Vox sound is excellent!

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As much as I love my 404 I cant say it’s the best finger drumming experience ever. Hard/stiff pads with no velocity response. Rapid triggering of samples is kind of hit and miss unless you primarily use the sub pad for this but again it’s not the best experience. Still a great machine though!

Yea, not the best pads for finger drumming. The 404 was my first sampler, which I learned to finger drum on. So it’s doable… but then I got an MPC (1000/2500) & the difference was pretty mind blowing to me.

Thyme+Takt over a dark, repetitive beat <3


All Digitakt, first pass, work in progress.

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Digitakt and first time trying the overbridge.


Lovely that, how did you arrange it? Did you record each track in the Daw or did u record a live take?

Sequenced in Digitakt and recorded 8 separate tracks via overbridge into ableton. Then I did the arangement and later recorded few more sequences from the digi. The lead is a actually a vst plugin so here i cheated a little bit. :slight_smile: not so digitakt only :slight_smile:

114.2 BPM

jam on Digitakt
record with Zoom H6
trim in daw (and add sample vox in outro).

99.9% Digitakt!

116.6 BPM

100% Digitakt Jam
record with Zoom H6

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Støv is Norwegian for “dust”. Check out my other digi-tracks on my Youtube page and sub if you like what you hear;)