Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


Hey everyone - I just dropped a footwork inspired EP where the instrumental was performed/recorded live on the Digitakt - stereo outs, no OB. Edited in Ableton for structure, no further processing or mixing except for mastering at Studio 11 Chicago. Everything is Digitakt except for vocal samples/sfx. Enjoy!


A little bit too aggressive for my own taste but this sounds damn good! Great job man


Really nice. I’m feeling a Italian Western vibe.


Thank you! Yes, very aggressive first half :sweat_smile:


Digitakt + electribe live track recorded to a cassette.


All digitakt record with zoom H6
vox sample added in Daw


Digitakt Only


My first attempt to play out a “complete” idea on only the Digitakt . Love this box! It’s ambientish.


digitakt jam experimenting with polyrhythm
and track scales record on Zoom H6.


All Digitakt sounds, with Arturia beatstep controlling some things and sequencing different tracks in different moments in this live session, mix on the go on the digitakt + some editing + mastering with Ardour afterwards. Feel free to comment, critic, like, share, etc. Thanks for listening and I hope you like it.


These tracks are all digitakt. Except for some extra compression in ableton.


Wow! I love this track. The pads and the smooth bass sounds are amazing! More please:)


broken link, did you change your name in soundcloud? i got the same problem once.


Here’s my latest Digitakt-only track. I was experimenting with a different way of working with bass samples. Here I recorded one sample full of short bass notes an octave apart, and then in a separate sample I recorded two long bass notes an octave apart. Then I wrote a bass line, p-locked the start points and note on each trig, and made a beat around that bassline :slight_smile:


really nice sound/sequencing! congrats


Thank you! Really appreciate the listens :black_heart:

Digitakt with tr808 and the like sample kits


103.6 bpm hiphouse jam
all digitakt all the time

record with Zoom H6