Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


My first / last Digitakt only effort - done about 6 months ago.

As usual - never went back to polish the performance parts & mistakes (playback of samples at wrong speeds etc).

Hey Ho!


Thanks man - I get to work in short bursts. It’s tough balancing job, family duties, and hobbies. So it’s slow going to get better. I just picked up an analog heat, so now I have another bit of gear to learn and figure out! Early results are positive, though.


Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this. Is this just recorded from Digitakt stereo out only? Or was it tracked into a DAW one track at a time and mixed with plugins? Sounds very lush! If it’s all Digitakt internal fx, that’s impressive testimony to DT sound quality, imo.


amazing kick!


Here is some sound design that I did with the digitakt.


Thanks for listening ! I recorded it via a yamaha MG10xu mixer in one take so no multitracking, added some volume maximizing afterwards; it’s all Digitakt


Wow - you really have the workflow dialed. Did you do a lot of live-playing of samples, or were they all sequenced? Very cool tune. I’m still trying to wrap my head around doing that with digitakt!



Very cool! That would fit right in, in a dark Cyberpunk game like System Shock or the like.


Thanks. That’s the sort of thing I’m going for.


Quite enjoyed all of these. Thanks for posting.


Thanks. It’s been pretty hit or miss. People love it or hate it.


Here The Full Liveset with Digitakt (it’s the first liveset with digitakt)
#Minimal #50min


Psychedelic ^_-


live digitakt jam track
submission for stbb this week


Deep creepy Spaces!


100% DT beat on this one


Microtiming is excellent on shortloop when this one is playing in the recording pool !
Reverse reverb is from my mixer.Tiger sample and the Women shout (at the end) on the third part of the track, are from other sampler thru the mixer.These samples (1) (2) can not be played because too many motion of several voices in the musical composition.


Is this really Digitakt only? If so: Great Production! :wink: Sounds clean af!


Quite relaxing actually. I have birds, Palm Trees and a slow moving Ocean in mind when i hear this! :slight_smile: Good work.