Your Digitakt-only "Productions" - do you have some?! ;-)


This is a live mix of a track i produced on the Digitakt. I love working purely on the Digitakt as it limits my creative workflow and lets me finish a track in a few hours instead of editing around for days. Sometimes i hit a dead end where i wish the Digitakt had a real song mode or stereo sampling.
My biggest gripe with the Digitakt is the behaviour of the encoders. I constantly have to look at the screen to see what numbers get dialed in while tweaking the knobs. It feels so fiddly.
But it’s still my favorite machine and has tons of possibilities to explore the world of sounds.


Minimal / Techno LiveTest w/ Digitakt
Intro w/ SH01 and full Live with Only Digitakt


my kind of shit right here
sounds beautiful! congrats
this is pretty much the kind of sound I feel tempted to get a Digitakt for… I have an OT, but it doesn’t have that fx/filter warmth… is great for other things though. I wouldn’t sell it - Analog Four would be a strong candidate to go though :stuck_out_tongue:


Some liquid dnb I did with just the Digitakt. Daisy


here is our latest Techno session from yesterday, played with Digitakt, System -1 and fx.


Live jammin Digitakt only

glitchy warm fuzz
little hots in record but Yes.
Chiptunes Chiptranz Chipdanz.
perhaps not!

This week stbb submission


here’s one of mine, Digitakt only :slight_smile:
unfortunately it’s not mine, a friend lent it to me… but I’m already tempted to get one


Digitakt only. Based mostly on factory sound/samples but tweaked to taste. Techno. 120bpm.
Thanks for listening!


one more… I had to return the Digitakt to my friend today - can’t wait to get mine!


You should definitely get one. Nice groove.


thank you! already thinking what I can sell to afford one :stuck_out_tongue:


Whipped up this little “Micro-Mix” last night. I wanted to try “mixing” a few tracks that were basically just 64 step patterns with lots of conditions, and occasional manual changes. Each track is a single pattern (well one is two patterns).


Detroitisch techno with the takt i id last night…also did an dub version more of an dj-tool


I’d love to introduce to the community my first five tracks made on Digitakt.
Gosh, I love this machine!

Please leave some feedback.


great sound! this is digitakt-only? any post-processing?


the last 5 minutes are really cool ! love that funky bassline (don´t fiddle around that much with it)


Working on some slower-tempo stuff (111 bpm) making background music for my brother’s vlog, and then ventured off on this tangent. Running DT through the AH just makes it sound so amazing. I’m not even sure this recording really captures that. Cheers.


only post-processing is landr - mastering app…i use that to put stuff on souncloud pumps it up an little


Still very new to the Digitakt, and music in general, here’s a track I am working on (very much working on :sweat_smile:) . Thanks for listening :slight_smile: So many inspiring posts in this thread!

Soundcloud link

techno-ish, deep house-ish…


Sounds nice! You should definitely get a Digitakt asap! :slight_smile: Is there a reason why youre recording through the Headphone-Out?