Xone 96 Mixer

Cheers dtr
The 96 is definitely worth it. It offers so much in terms of sound and connectivity.

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Just realized that this doesnt record your fx if using the master insert function. I got an RMX1000 and plugged it all in. Works great for effects but for some reason A+H have decided to record pre master insert when recording over the USB cable(channels 11/12). Gutted.

Only way around this is to use a separate recorder plugged into audio jacks on back of mixer. Kind of defeats the point. Must say Im gutted that they chose this way of recording master bus. Surely a dj wants their fx recorded as well. :tired_face:

Hmm yeah I see. I guess the choice they made was for a PA situation where EQ and dynamics processing is inserted to tune for the given space and sound system. You wouldn’t want that recorded in.

I wonder how many clubs/stage companies have it wired that way. I’d put it entirely after the DJ mixer. Usually there will be a main mixer between the DJ mixer and PA anyway.

Can’t say I see the relevance of that record position choice indeed.

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Defo. Wondering how I best record. There is a dedicated “record out” on stereo phonos that Ive checked does include the Master insert effects. Might look into a small digital recorder.

How much easier it was before I bought the RMX just to click record in traktor lol :wink:

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I had a look at the system block diagram in the manual, p. 34. The MST soundcard input is indeed before the inserts.

I also see that the record out has an (internal?) switch for pre or post-insert. Default is post.

Seems to me they could have done this for the soundcard input as well…

It’s also a pity that not all 6 full featured channels get sent to USB, only the 4 main channels. Would have been great to use the mixer as a multichannel recording interface but I need the 6 channels for that. Of course I realize that 's not the main purpose for a DJ mixer like this.

All 6 can be sent over usb. 4 normally. Then channels A n B with a slight workaround :wink:

Chans 1-4 on mixer use USB channels 1-8.

Then USB channels 9-12 are used for either both sends “A n B” or “send A plus Master” depending on a switch near the top right of mixer.

So you could have it set up as a recording device and use one of the sends as your recording channel into ableton etc. Set up send 2 as your recording channel in ableton then just use that to send out any of the 6 channels or a combination of a few of them.


Dave Mech also pointed this out. I d use the 2 sends for my fx units so that doesn t fly. I d even apply the headphone/cue out trick discussed earlier to create a 3rd send. Yep… i d be maxing out that mixer.

You still can use the send for fx. The signal is being sent to usb pre send(as well as out of jacks on back)

Im maxing it out too lol… Both sends and all 6 channels, plus master fx insert.

I don’t think so. Any of the 6 main channels could be sent to the fx on the 2 aux’s. To record return channels 1 and 2 over USB I have to dedicate the 2 sends to recording them.

I’d also need to record the master over USB, and then only send A is available, so the whole idea of recording my stereo mix + 6 multichannel tracks (while using 3 fx sends) really doesn’t fly.

We need a xone 99 then :wink:

Or a new 464! https://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/xone464/

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OMG I didn’t know the 464 was a thing. This looks incredible.

Yeah. Except i wouldn t enjoy lugging around that mddrfkkr to my shows :smile:

Quick, and potentially daft question.
I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on the 96. Primarily want it as a DJ mixer. Just wondering if anyone using it for summing duties in production? Would it add too much colour to the sound (could be desirable in some settings I guess)?
Thinking it might be a nice sideline for the mixer until I can save the pennies for an SSL Six too.