Xone 96 Mixer

Return C and D would need to be used for fx returns. If you have all 6 channels used.

The default usage is to return fx into the A or B channels(one with full channel on left side) or the C/D channels.

If you cued up C or D then that fx return would also get sent to your 3rd fx bus via headphone out.

Could you not just chain 2 fx unit together on 1 bus, then use 2nd bus for 3rd fx unit?

6 channels is including fx returns: AR, MD, Circuit mono station, AH, eventide space & H9. I like my fx returns on regular channels with full eq and routing options.

Prob work for you then :wink:

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This mixer is on my list for new gear in 2020, yeah I know

Can you route audio out Via the usb sound card interfaces and back in. I.e use Ableton Live as an effects rack ?

Yeap. By using the return channels :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave! Appreciated

So being a bit slow tonight - audio out by usb them back into returns by audio cable ??

Fan of your work btw!

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Cheers Cornish,

No you can actually select both usb1 and 2 and both return channels as input source :slight_smile:

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Should be able to send and receive on any of the channels over usb.

I send audio from traktor into channels 2&3.

You can send and receive audio from and to USB on any of the channels yes. But for fx I’d use the dedicated send and return channels.

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Yeh defo. You want to use the 2 send knobs(per channel) to send to fx . These only go out the analogue send jacks on rear. Same for the analogue returns. You can feed them into either the 2 full return channels(A n B) and have full eq/filter/fader etc. Or the returns C/D which only have a level knob(this is what I do with 2 kaoss pads).

One KP on each send return using cd. this allows me 6 channels for various hardware/traktor.

Its only the six main channels that can send/receive over USB, not the sends

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You’re saying I could record all six stereo channels individually over USB (in a scenario with hardware boxes feeding the channels)?

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Thanks Dave, man that is cool! Using ableton fx chains through the mixer would be super creative .

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That’s not quite right. Send 1 is an input source. send 2 as well in stead of master by selecting it with the dedicated button on the top right of the 96.

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What you can do to achieve that is use send 1 and 2 to send return A and B respectively to your daw. The downside of this is that you send channels A and B to the hardware send outputs as well of course so if you plan to use those this won’t work well. Here’s a picture of the full in/out capabilities for the sound cards.


Thanks! I ll go RTFM one of these days :slight_smile:


Such a cool mixer.

In case anyone is interested in this mixer or already owns one, I made a tutorial video showing in depth what it’s capable of.



That was cool. Thanks!

Really on the fence for one of these. Especially since I have a rental business and only Pioneer dj gear at the moment…

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Also, nice to have a good demonstration of the filters. I find the resonance at wild still quite timid. But with the additional crunch and the ability to add BP to LP or HP it gets into the rough realms that I like.