Workaround for late MIDI pattern change issue?

I’m considering sell my digital also the patten late really bother me to sync with octatrack so I might sell it soon

I think it’s a great combo, the ot being the brain and master and main sampler/mangler & the dt doing what it does best in its simplicity ;drums. But not relying on it to change pattern in sync with the ot is pushing me to maybe letting it go. That and the fact that sustain pedals & pb & mw can’t be used with ext keyboard through the dt…

I found a solution using a pre programmed fill PC together with a pattern change sent from the Digitone to Digitakt. So you have to press both new pattern+fill to switch into the right pattern. The fill is sending the PC before the Switch.


If one machine must stop pattern without going on with another (in silence…)? There is a midi note that order STOP? Because the machine in sync play the last pattern also if in ableton nothing is selected…

This is still an issue and this is very frustrating…

Cirklon has a feature which pre-sends pgm change messages specifically implemented for Elektron machines so that they change pattern as expected.
So it can be done in software, perhaps Elektron are able to add a similar feature in their machines?

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I have a solution, but only if you’re using Ableton and Max for Live.

Before I made this device I seemed to have better luck with Octatrack as master. I usually have a computer involved though so I haven’t tried hardware only in a long time.

Hello !

I have the cirklon and I applied the function “pre send pgm” but I do not see any difference. Could you cheer me up a little more?

Did you save the instrument def after checking pre-send?

Do you have a longer pattern change value set in the Elektron scale window? As it will only change as quickly as the value set here?

Are you on the latest Cirklon OS?

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Yes I saved the instrument def after checking pre-send

I’m on the latest Cirklon OS : V1.19a4

“Do I have a longer pattern change value set in the Elektron scale window? As it will only change as quickly as the value set here?”

I tested all the balance possibilities on the octatrack and I did not find the solution …

but I’m not sure I understand everything (my English is approximate and my technical knowledge too …, we are trying to ask the octatrack to change the pattern at the same time (without programming it in advance, by “jam” mode that I change the pattern on the cirklon?

Just lost my marbles on this issue with my OT sequencing my Model:Samples.
Everything is up to date, tried every possible fix I found online, nothing worked.

Well that’s a week of music making and a promising live idea in the garbage can, smooth integration Elektron, can’t manage to make two of your machines change pattern together, nice “ecosystem”…

It should work with 2 Elektron devices if you have it setup correctly

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I agree, given their prices, it should

It does with 5 devices for me, how have you got them connected?
Have you got the correct master length set?

OT as master, M:S as slave, OT Midi out to M:S Midi In,
Program change send on channel 16 on OT, Program change receive on channel 16 on M:S

That sounds right, and how I have mine set and it’s working…
The master length can’t be longer on the MS than the Octatrack

Yup, never more than 16 steps on my M:S, never less on my OT (usually around 64 or 128)

To be clear, I’m not pissed at you, thanks for taking the time!

I’m pissed because of the lost time and enthousiasm I sunk in this, basing my setup on something working as it should for that price.

Edit: Sorry OP and everyone for the hijacking, I realise now I am exactly what you hoped to avoid creating this thread, it appeared on my timeline right when I encountered this problem and needed to vent, I’ll shut up now.

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No worries just trying to help, I’ve got a bunch of Elektron machines that I use with Rytm as the master the rest follow no problem…
I think the late change problems they are talking about in this thread are working with other gear or daws because it doesn’t use the Elektron type way pattern change

It sends the program change just before the end of the pattern, if the sync is out a bit it can miss it, are you sending clock from the OT also?

Also not sure as don’t have a models Elektron but, Chng doesn’t work when using multiple devices chained, it has to be Len shorter than the master or it will change late…

Maybe someone with a model samples can chime in as well

Just picking this back up for a minute. I have the issue with my OT/DN/DT setup because of different track multipliers. I have my master length set to INF, but my PLEN set to 16. Even if I trigger a PC from the OT, the DN and DT end up being late by a cycle due to said multipliers. It’s really annoying.

Yeah they won’t change at the same time if set to inf,
They all have to have the same master length unfortunately, it’s something I wish would be changed/fixed/updated if possible but I don’t think it is

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