WoFI from Kiviak Instruments

New synth from a new company. A small keyboard sampler & granular synth.

Very early, so not a ton of info, but perhaps the synth is web aware, and you can download samples via wifi ? Something to look forward to anyway.


Looking closer at the front panel controls, and i like the layout. It looks innovative, and easy to use, and very portable. The interest builds.

Plus any synth with a control labeled “Chaos”, gets a second look from me.


Looks a bit Arturiash. I hope it would be a nice synth and not of a premium price.

Only confusing parts - dedicated buttons for LFO, like only 3 shapes… Granular synths do not need a lot of modulations, but anyway, looks limited a bit.

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Funny thing, this is also a French company.

side-project in disguise :smiley:

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What does a speakboard do ? Is it just a speaker or is there some other function for something like that ?

I think something more perhaps because there is also a micboard on the left hand side.

ADDED : I bet the little speaker, is just to preview samples without headphones.

ADDED : I now am thinking and wondering if the mic and speaker may have other uses, see post down thread.

I’d rather it have a nice small fatar keyboard and none of that wifi cloud business. I guess that’s useful to some? A straight forward / well thought-out sampling keyboard with granular would be great.

The article mentions two of the developers:

Romain Giannetti
Frédéric Meslin

The second guy is apparently of Fred’s Lab.

I’m getting a hint of a modern upgrade and improvement of a Casio SK sort of thing. That’s a fun place to start.


That looks pretty cool. I’m interested in hearing the sampler emulations and that cloud thing might actually be super handy.

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The lit buttons above the keyboard would be for a sequencer of some sort, right ?

Is that a tiny touch strip below the display ?

Can’t say I love the early 2000’s tech aesthetic, but maybe that’s getting cool again.

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Noticed that too. But that section also has a learn button, so perhaps that allows you to enter your own lfo modulation ? That would work.

By the way, one of my favorites in Korg Gadget - Vancouver.
It is very basic like mostly all of these tiny synths, just 2 sample layers with looping/pseudo-granular, one LFO and one effect, but surprisingly expressive and playable.

I wish something like this was available in hardware, and this new thing looks close.



So i found the home page for Kiviak Instruments, but as of right now there is almost nothing informative on WoFI there.

Maybe later.

Interesting. It has an almost uncanny toy-ish look in the OP pic.

Looks like a pitch bend strip thingie, whatever they’re called^^

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So it has sampler emulations. And you definitely can save patches to the internet, and to some sort of device that they call a cartridge, or cart. There is a function called a Texturer. It’s also got some sort of CV connection.

This comes from a junky image over at Matrixsynth.

Is the filter digital, or analog ?

ADDED : Looking at the circuit board, i’m pretty sure it’s analog.

ADDED : I’m thinking the cartridge is for storing projects when disconnected from wifi.

ADDED : The cartridge could also be a secure way to sell sound packs. The cart hardware should be very inexpensive in volume.

Looks interesting. Not completely in love the with design, but I dig the form factor.

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This has my attention.

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An observation ( significant of nothing ? ) .

The sixteen lit buttons that are used for notes and parameters, sit perfectly above the fifteen white keys, with the one extra button to the left.

This seems designed to sit on your lap on the couch, or while laying down, with the built-in speaker to surf around collections of sounds, as you casually create a sound or a song.

Please let this be battery powered, and reasonably priced.

Imagine this used collaboratively between two or more people. I want a voip “phone” mode.